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An exciting opportunity to be part of passionate and well-experienced F&B and Culinary professionals Dives Holding, a company considered as Rising star in Dubai with a vision of establishing the brands name and presence as one of the leading F&B companies in Turkey, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain and eventually the entire GCC. Also, with an expansion plan in Europe. We are looking for a dedicated Recruitment Officer to join our HR team in identifying hiring needs and filling job openings. The responsibilities of a Recruitment Officer include identifying future hiring needs, designing job descriptions, sourcing candidates through databases and social media, conducting interviews, filing paperwork, and keeping abreast of employment law and legislation. You should also monitor new and existing employees and act as their advocate.

What is the average salary for Recruitment?

Average salary per year

The average salary for a Recruitment is £32,499. Recruitment salaries range from £22,999 to £42,499.

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How many permanent Recruitment jobs are available on CatererGlobal?
There are 1 permanent Recruitment jobs available on CatererGlobal right now.
What other similar jobs are there to permanent Recruitment jobs?
As well as permanent Recruitment jobs, you can find Human Resources, HR, Hotel, amongst many others.