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Are you passionate about purchasing at the very top end of the market- Do you have an eye for detail and can-do attitude in getting the best deals- As Purchasing Manager you need to see yourself as an enthusiastic individual who can communicate easily with both your fellow team members and hotel suppliers. You will be responsible for establishing foreign/domestic supplier database and negotiating the lowest prices for the best quality. Establishing short and long term contracts to leverage on prices and administering online purchasing systems for acquiring materials will be also part of your important role. * College degree in Accounting or related field. * Minimum 3 years experience in luxury hotel as Purchasing Manager * Excellent negotiation skills and knowledge in procurement administration * Capable to multi-task and manage a number of tasks simultaneously

What is the average salary for Purchasing Manager?

Average salary per year

The average salary for a Purchasing Manager is £37,499. Purchasing Manager salaries range from £26,999 to £47,499.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many permanent Purchasing Manager jobs are available on CatererGlobal?
There are 1 permanent Purchasing Manager jobs available on CatererGlobal right now.
What other similar jobs are there to permanent Purchasing Manager jobs?
As well as permanent Purchasing Manager jobs, you can find Purchasing, Procurement Manager, Procurement, amongst many others.
Which industry do permanent Purchasing Manager jobs belong to?
Permanent Purchasing Manager jobs are part of the Logistics industry.