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Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Responsible for maintenance / technical attention in accordance with the AC preventive maintenance program to guest rooms, public areas and BOTH in the entire hotel. Responsible for working to required work orders and requests, for ensuring those areas are left in a safe and perfect operational condition and for the proper use and security of all human & equipment. Revenues, profits, cost effectiveness and ROI To manage effectively the spare parts control system as well as to get the best products which suites our standards and the highest quality without affecting our cost management. To do the installation of any new air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment or to supervise the contractor as required. To maintain the equipment and tools in good order and to maintain all stores organized. And keeps the workshop clean, tidy and properly stock
Confidential Company in UAE
United Arab Emirates
Job Description Job Role We are looking for a qualified and competent experienced Maintenance Supervisor Civil fully capable of managing, supervising, operating, maintaining the different services and types of Guest rooms and public areas, restaurants etc. * Follow safety rules, regulations and permits as applicable to the nature of work. * Lead, manage and supervise senior technicians, technicians (ken fixit, carpenter, mason, painters etc.) * Allocation of Work orders to various technicians. * Follow up with suppliers/subcontractors for material delivery and execution. * Maintain and update records of assets, spares, calibration details etc. * Read and understand manuals, technical literature, drawings and diagrams. * Ensure compliance to standard engineering practice and local authority regulations.
We are looking for a qualified and competent experienced HVAC technician fully aware about different services and types of equipments Follow safety rules, regulations and permits as applicable to the nature of work Maintains service equipments Fan coil units DX and VRF systems AHU/FAHU/MAHU etc Ecology and exhaust systems Valve packages, actuators Strainers, pressure gauges, PICV etc Chilled water pipes and insulation Heat exchangers Primary and secondary Chilled water pumps etc Building Management System PLC system for Chilled Water CCUs and rack type cooling systems Troubleshooting and repair of HVAC units equipped with Microprocessor Control system, overhauling of reciprocating and screw type compressors, repair of condenser and evaporator units, air handling units, etc Monitoring of Chilled water temperatures, flow and consumption

What is the average salary for Maintenance Technician?

Average salary per year

The average salary for a Maintenance Technician is £32,499. Maintenance Technician salaries range from £28,999 to £37,499.

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