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A Fitness Instructor is responsible for conducting fitness programs and assessments to deliver an excellent Guest and Member experience while promoting the facilities and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. What will I be doing? As a Fitness Instructor, you are responsible for conducting fitness programs and assessments to deliver an excellent Guest and Member experience. A Fitness Instructor will also be required to schedule adequate staff coverage. * Carry out fitness assessments on members as required * Conduct fitness programmes and inductions * Understand and advise members and guests on the correct usage of gym equipment * Ensure adequate coverage of the pool, gym and reception * Carry out regular pool tests * Maintain cleanliness of reception, changing rooms, pool side and gym facilities * Adhere to all health and safety regulations
ERTH, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Job Role The key responsibility of a gym trainer is to assess their clients bodily strengths and weaknesses and create customized workout plans. They must provide physical and mental guidance and monitor client progress regularly. The guest's safety should always be considered to the highest standard. Job Responsibility * Good communication skills along with a positive attitude for explaining techniques and movements clearly. * The GYM Trainer must work daily and carry out various tasks starting from assessing the clients physical condition and creating unique workout routines for them. * Exercises must be explained clearly and efficiently while demonstrating steps on how to use the training equipment safely to avoid injuries. * The trainers are authorized for the Opening and Closing Procedures of the Gym.

What is the average salary for Fitness Instructor?

Average salary per year

The average salary for a Fitness Instructor is £18,578. Fitness Instructor salaries range from £17,394 to £24,999.

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How many permanent Fitness Instructor jobs are available on CatererGlobal?
There are 2 permanent Fitness Instructor jobs available on CatererGlobal right now.
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