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Habtoor Grand Resort Autograph Collection LLC
United Arab Emirates
Handles and responds to Group and event inquiries within twelve hours, liaising with the DOS regarding availability, rates, F&B requirements and the follow-up of the offer. To confirm that all enquiries have been handled to the satisfaction of the client and are in line with optimizing the availability and revenue streams for the hotel. Prepares contracts for confirmation of the business and ensures that this is returned within the required set time. Ensure that clients adhere to the contract policies and payment of the deposits in the requested time period. Coordinate reservations rooming lists for groups, tour series, and special programs for the Hotel. Handles the above and liaise with the Reservation, Front Office Manager and DFB to ensure proper communication within the hotel of the services required.

What is the average salary for Events Executive?

Average salary per year

The average salary for a Events Executive is £24,999. Events Executive salaries range from £22,999 to £28,999.

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