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As Assistant Manager, Sales and under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Sales personnel; you are responsible to source, solicit, negotiate, and handle all accounts within the assigned portfolio. * Meet the sales objectives on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis * Ensure comprehensive and complete coverage of own portfolio covering all levels of accounts managerial and departmental executives for a comprehensive client servicing, achieving targets and maximum productivity in her / his portfolio of accounts * Ensure that the response to any business request is actioned within 8 working hours in order to avoid customer complains

What is the average salary for Sales Executive?

Average salary per year

The average salary for a Sales Executive is £30,000. Sales Executive salaries range from £22,999 to £42,499.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many contract Sales Executive jobs are available on CatererGlobal?
There are 1 contract Sales Executive jobs available on CatererGlobal right now.
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Which industry do contract Sales Executive jobs belong to?
Contract Sales Executive jobs are part of the Sales industry.