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1. Handles cash and cash related transactions, issues receipts, records and types money lists, and balances cash fund; enters cash transactions in ledgers and reconciles cash reports; prepares bank deposits. 2. Assists in preparation of financial statements such as billings, budgets, and cost reports. 3. Assists in ordering, care, maintenance, and utilization of department equipment, supplies, and inventories. 4. Reconciles various expenditure reports to source documents; distributes and files financial documents and reports 5. 6. Performs various clerical and routine accounting tasks in support of an operating unit, to include posting entries, verifying and reconciling input to financial reporting system output, processing payments, and/or assisting in preparation of billings and other financial reports.

What is the average salary for Financial Accountant?

Average salary per year

The average salary for a Financial Accountant is £47,499. Financial Accountant salaries range from £37,499 to £57,499.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many contract Financial Accountant jobs are available on CatererGlobal?
There are 1 contract Financial Accountant jobs available on CatererGlobal right now.
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