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Constance Ephelia Resort.
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Job Brief The Assistant Head Sommelier is responsible for the Hotel's wine stock and the supervision of the day-to-day operation of all outlets and Room Service. He maintains Constance standards at all times. o + To anticipate the volume of business, taking into consideration the peak/low seasons, holidays and general activities in the Resort. + To inspect all outlet equipment such as decanters, openers, wine lists and refrigerators continuously and keep them well maintained to ensure proper functioning. + To re-evaluate and restructure the wine list(s) to an award winning level for all major global publications. + To develop and maintain the highest standard of quality as they relate to presentation, supervision and control of wine service in all outlets, In Villa Dining and Excursions.

What is the average salary for Cost Controller?

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The average salary for a Cost Controller is £34,999. Cost Controller salaries range from £32,499 to £37,499.

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