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1. Prepares basic dishes and assists the chefs. 2. Setting up and stocking workstations with all the necessary supplies. 3. Preparing food for service, such as chopping vegetables, butchering meat, and preparing sauces. 4. Cooking menu items in cooperation with the rest of the kitchen staff. 5. Answering, reporting, and following the executive or sous chefs instructions. 6. Maintaining complete knowledge of all our foods, outlets, services and hours of operation. 7. Spotting unlabelled food items and those that are about to expire. 8. Ensuring that food comes out simultaneously, in high quality and in a timely fashion. 9. Complying with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards. 10. Maintaining a positive and professional approach with co-workers and guests. 11. Informing the executive chef or sous chefs whenever any equipment is broken. 12.
Movenpick Hotel & Residences Riyadh
$2,600 per annum the accommodation and transportation provided by the
1. Reports on and performs his duty according to the schedule. 2. Dresses according to Kitchen standard dress code; i.e. chef's hat, chef's jacket, checked trousers, apron, nametag, socks and safe shoes. 3. Works with a high level of cleanliness within the Section by making sure that it is kept in hygienic and organized manner, fit for food production. 4. Ensures that fridge, freezer, cupboards and working tables are kept clean at all times. 5. Ensures that Section equipment is used correctly, kept clean, and reports any defect promptly to the Section Head. 6. Prepares, cooks, dresses all cold/ hot food including la carte orders for all outlets, buffet preparation for all outlets, banquet and outside catering ensuring that they are fresh and according to the set standards. 7. Avoids unnecessary wastage and spoilage in order to keep the food cost as low as possible. 8.

What is the average salary for Commis Chef?

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The average salary for a Commis Chef is £20,535. Commis Chef salaries range from £18,578 to £22,999.

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