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Night Auditor

  • United Arab Emirates, Middle East
  • Unspecified


1.Arrange all check out charge folios and related documents.

2.Post all pending / un posted charges, if any.

3.Ensures all revenue transactions recorded are consistent and carried out according to our standards procedures.

4.Checks all revenue transactions raised in the hotel to the guest ledger (to the relevant room number or account where applicable and confirm that the outlets totals tally all charge and cash records in an outlets to outlets basis, ensuring back-ups are available.

5.Check all room rates posted are correct and backed up with the necessary documentation in relation to various hotel rates, including complimentary and house use.

6.Check the authenticity of all Front office and outlets paid outs, rebates, discounts and adjustments are verifies and correct and carried out with accordance to local policies and procedures.

7.Ensures all city ledgers related transactions are tallied with host totals and transferred on a daily basis with all necessary back-ups intact.

8.Check all foreign exchange transactions in outlets and front office are carried out according to local policies and procedures.

9.Check late departures and room revenue posted through Misc. Charges are monitored according to policies and procedures.

10.Accounts for all outlet checks issued by serial number.

11.Reset and balance credit card POS terminals.

12.Balance paid outs, rebates, corrections, etc.

13.Balance opera posting masters for F&B (F&B cash, City Ledger, Credit Cards etc.)

14.Balance all outlets with Micros reports and opera’s Ledger by Department code summary. If any outlet does not balance, print detailed ledger by Dept. Code / Cashier and balance.

15.Banquet function sheets are recorded by date and serially. Banquet checks are reviewed / compared with function sheets & discrepancies investigated.

16.Ensure that Banquet checks are posted on daily basis.

17.Room discrepancies (sleeps and skips) are checked, investigated and approved daily

18.Daily review and balancing of telephone calls from the rooms through TMS to PMS

19.Check the Admin. P.M. charges for the day and do the needful.

20.Charge “No Show” only for reservations guaranteed by credit card.

21.Check the expected departures with the F>O tray and extend those who are still in- house.

22.Check Admin # 9500 for lost interface postings and transfer the charges to the respective folios. Check it out and go to walk-in folios and walk-it in the same PM 9600.

23.Balance all revenues and MOD with opera.

24.Check credit cards + check out folios for accuracy and attach supporting.

25.Check out all Admin. Folios (credit cards. C/L) after verifications. Walk them back in same numbers.

26.Check comp. / house use rooms are approved by GM / DOF.

27.Close your own cashier.

28.Go to options, reports, financial and enter “automatic posting of room and tax”.

29.Log out all workstations

30.Obtain night manager’s signature on room / rate variance report after having been checked by Night Manager.

31.Before running Night Audit print the following reports:-

a.Down time report ( report before NA>)

b.Rate check report by market.

c.Posting journal by dept. code 9300 (City Ledger) and balance.

d.Follow up with Night manager for missing / not in order folios to inform A/R.

32.Run auto-sequencer (start new day)

33.Bring back the interfaced PCs after finishing the audit.

34.Daily SAP reports and other divisional reports are sent on time

35.Prepare Daily and Month to Date Food & Beverage Recap Sheet Report

36.Prepare all other reports required and requested by income auditor

37.Distribute Night Audit reports.

38.Making sure that all occupied rooms have room rates and country codes accordingly.

39.Making adjustment for all wrong posting

40.Check lost posting and transfer to the right room number

41.To follow up for the missing vouchers

42.Compare between the price list and posted amount for all dept codes

43.Balancing all credit cards transactions with Opera and make sure X and Z report are taken before the cutoff time

44.Closing open Checks & Interface Micros before Night Audit

45.Posting of revenue sharing Accruals and Micros Allowances

46.Micros Final Balancing with Opera Transactions

47.Requesting Log-out for all Opera users to Run the Day End

48.Checking out all Micros Paymaster

49.Running “Opera Day End”

50.Checking in all Micros Paymaster after Night Audit

51.Opening interface Micros after Opera Day End

52.Preparing all manual Reconciliation excel sheet after the night audit

53.Outlet check serial number checking & control

54.Taking inventory report for PCMCI, Save Box and room Items

55.Reconcile and complete all daily front desk agents’ work.

56.Run find trial balance to post rooms and close day.

57.Perform duties of front desk agent as assigned.

58.Audits guest ledger charges from all food and beverage outlets and minor departments, balancing same with restaurant recap sheet and other control sheets.

59.Control and to tabulate daily income of hotel (per detailed procedure).

60.Prepares daily sales, cover and GM’s reports.

61.Analyzing of rebates, correction and paid out vouchers.

62.Reconciliation of miscellaneous revenues.

63.Analyzing banquet revenues.

64.Compare the detailed guest ledger from Opera Night Audit spool file with Opera Trial Balance. All these figures should be equal.

65.To perform a monthly audit of safe deposit boxes and the results reviewed by the director of Finance. The audit is to ensure all unused boxes have one key available and all occupied boxes have a safe deposit box record on file.

66.Banquet function sheet No. control & filing. Compare banquet checks with instructions on function sheets & file.

67.Outlet checks control.

68.Prepares daily and monthly Administrative telephone extension charges and forward for approval. All international calls should be approved by all Heads of Department

69.Room change & rate change control.

70.Analyze discounts - A&G Entertainment, Officer’s Check and check for approval.

71.Check telephone “House Use”.

72.Ensure void checks and void items approved by Outlet Manager.

73.Control all re-print check daily.

74.Banquet Controls – Banquet Event Order;

a.The BEO is to document the details of the event; including the date, number of covers, number of rooms required, and other miscellaneous items (flowers, audio/visual, etc.).

b.The BEO and associated contract are to clearly state the basis on which such services are to be charged.

c.A copy of the BEO is to be forwarded to the customer, the customer’s file, the BEO binder, the Night / Revenue Auditor and other operating departments.

d.Subsequent changes to the BEO are to be documented in memo format and forwarded to these same individuals/locations

e.The Night / Revenue Auditor is to maintain the BEOs in chronological order for use in the daily Night/revenue audit

75.Banquet Controls - Daily Event Listing;

a.Each day, the catering department is to prepare a Daily Event Listing, which lists all events scheduled for the day, even if there is no charge for the event

b.This list is to include, at a minimum, the name of the individual and/or organization having the event, the names of the rooms being utilized, the intended purpose and the scheduled time of the event.

c.A copy of the Daily Event Listing is to be forwarded to the Night/Revenue Auditor.

76.Banquet Control – Banquet Check;

a.At the end of each event, the Banquet Manager is to prepare and sign a banquet check that lists the number of covers served and services provided

b.The number of covers served per the banquet check is to be reconciled the number of covers served per kitchen

c.The Night/Revenue Auditor is to compare the number of covers per the banquet check to the number of covers per the BEO and reconcile any variance via discussion with the Banquet Manager.

d.In addition, the Night/Revenue Auditor is to ensure that the revenue recorded for the event is for at least the minimum number of covers per the BEO/contract

e.The Night Auditor is to ensure that the Banquet Manager or its designee has posted al banquet check in guest’s account immediately following the event, either through the POS or Property Management System (PMS).

f.On a daily basis, the Night / Revenue Auditor is to review the daily event listing against the activity posted in the PMS to ensure a banquet check was recorded for all events that were scheduled to occur.

g.In addition, the Night/ Revenue Auditor is to verify that all charges recorded in the PMS are consistent with the information included in the BEO.

77.Guests Accounts having unsettled balances at check out and / or charges posted after the guest has left the hotel are to be processed as follows:

a)Credit Cards-The Front Office’s is to process post departure charges daily I accordance with the respective credit card merchant agreements. Internationally, were required, the Front Office is to mail copies of Folios, vouchers, andother information to guests within one business day after their departure.

b)Cash Balances- If a guest does not supply credit card upon check-in and pays by cash, the Front Desk is to ensure the guest has limited access to incidentals. In the event additional charges are identified subsequent to departure, the Front Desk Manager is responsible for obtaining a valid guest mailing address. If no address exists, the amount will be adjusted, debiting the contra-revenue (allowance account).

78.Hotel Packages- A typical hotel package includes a room stay and other items (meals, champagnes, movies, etc.) or services (spa treatment or a round of golf) for a single rate packages do not usually include gratuities and taxes.

a)Typically the Revenue Manager (or Director of Revenue) calculates the pricing and identifies the items to be included in a particular hotel package.

b)Once the items and pricing are determined, the departmental allocation is to be documented using the Standard Hotel Package Form.

c)This form is to be approved by department Heads involved, the Hotel Director of Finance (DOF)/ Controller and the General Manager.

d)At least quarterly, package pricing and the departmental allocation are to be reviewed by the Revenue Manger (or Director of Revenue).

e)The fair value method is to be used to allocate the package consideration (price).

f)The fair value method requires objective and reliable evidence of the fair value of the all items in the package. The fair value of the items would be what the hotel would charge for each item if sold separately or the invoice price for items purchased outside the hotel.

g)Revenue for each item in the package is to be recorded in their respective cost centre(s).

h)Unused or unconsumed package components are defined as breakage. Breakage is to be monitored daily, and will be recorded as “other” revenue in the appropriate cost centers.

i)Reservation to give Group rooming list to night auditor that have package elements for night income to ensure that the package is attached and food & beverage portion of revenue actually goes to F & B and not rooms.

79.Adjustments, Allowances and void checks

a)To ensure that adjustments/ allowances are properly approved and recorded.

b)Rooms Adjustments/ Allowances:

·Adjustments/ allowances due to service problems, walkouts and guest complaints is recorded as a reduction of revenue.

·Corrections in market segments postings are to be included in the reclassification of occupied rooms as well as the revenue.

·If a room is charged complimentary, the change is to be included on the complimentary rooms report.

c)Food & Beverage adjustments/ Allowances

·Adjustments/ allowances due to service problems, walkouts and guest complaints are to be recorded as a reduction of revenue. Where practical, contra revenue accounts are to be used. Adjustments/ Allowances due to overcharges and incorrect charges are to be recorded as a direct reduction to the revenue.

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