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GM Innovation Leaders. Pioneering Luxury Resort Group,

  • Japan, Asia
  • From $200,000 to $250,000 per annum Housing, Family teaching allowance

Global Search International and Aspire Globally are working with an exciting new Hotelier, preparing to launch over ten new Luxury Hotels in remote locations globally.We have been chosen to identify Innovative Resort and luxury Hotel Operators at GM level whose skills must include innovative business and people management as well as someone able to embrace AI systems which provide emotional suitability and mental preparedness.

Resorts will be limited to 50 suites and Villas upwards with properties expected to be high end luxury operations with boutique innovative luxury brands Restaurants catering serving no more than 40 guests per night. Each restaurant concept will already have International recognition and be outsourced to leading Culinary operators. We expect between 3 and 7 restaurants and 6 bars per operation to provide a personalised itinerary driven gourmet dining experiences. 

Leaders will be part of the Global Leadership Board of Directors to innovate a strategic plan to open ten operations in Global Resort Locations.

Your experience must include a solid track record within luxury resorts, with high energy and a drive to begin something new. Being an outstanding leader in your own right with a background in innovative thinking where the entire team will be asked to contribute and therefore be rewarded for each repeat guest they help to generate.

Dynamically driven, with proven people skills, our organisations must offer a no compromise approach to inspiring a leadership team who must be nurtured and mentored into modernizing the culture of fresh thinking creative solutions to extraordinary guest expectations.

Training will be at the front of your quest to radically transform Guest Services to drive results and create a new generation of Hoteliers who are passionate about people who are passionate about life.

Our client wants to be a pioneer in people management, ensuring a quality of life is central to a well-being policy which puts mental health at the core of everything we do, we want to be transformational in providing state of the art leaders who put the team first, meaning once we have a focused, well trained and switched-on team, we can begin to focus on the quality aspects of service which go beyond anything done today.

Our Founder and Chief Executive is well renown for making breath taking AI technological advancements and he wants a playground for the super-rich and the “soon to be rich”, creating environments which create tiered luxury, according to pocket and need. A place to feel at one, but equally a place to let off steam and embrace nature in a setting befitting of Global Leaders.

If you have what it takes to provide something unique and Aspirational and can contribute to the Creative Design elements and innovative thinking, you must have understood the aspects of the culture we are seeking to create and must provide more than a standard cover letter.

Regretfully, average leaders will be thanked, but not selected for interview. We want to imagine a world of hospitality that is not beholden to the traditional and think beyond the ordinary concepts and choose to be a pioneer and imagine a world without barriers and stale thinking.

Partnered with Global Search International to find the most progressive candidates, we will ask you to embrace AI technology in their selection processes and only Interview the very best in Florida or Californian. Once selected, the remaining team will be yours to Interview and complete the mission.

If your incapable of sharing your vision or proving what you will do differently, you can imagine you might not be for us. However, if you can dream and not make dreams your master, you can basically write your own salary and the salary of your teams in a proven business plan which aims to reward and develop those who want to achieve something beyond luxury. Be bold and ensure your application stands out.

Proven leaders who put technology central to the tools they use to get the job done, we want a team ready to embrace a range of AI advances who can who can hit the ground running and focus on how service standards, and relationships can advance beyond subservience to one where every employee becomes a super host and personal staff to the super rich, to Imagine a world without borders, a world where every guest is owned and where your every day is spent sharing the Guest experience and becoming a conduit to making everything dream happen.

We do not employ staff, so to speak, our teams are called Personal Assistants or PA’s and we will provide a team of 4 PAs per Guest Villa to conduct every service and ensure every guest need is met. The PAs will accompany their guests to every location and provide each service so must be trained in every aspect of hospitality and leadership, since no restaurant staff will be recruited.

Every personal assistant will never work more than 4 days a week and will work straight through from morning to nightThey must continually be briefed to include every guest sensory experience so they can share their passion and love for everything central to our brand promises and core values. To the heart of everything we do will be a regular assessment program which will include an array of emotional intelligence indicators.

To achieve our aims, we expect nothing but the very best training and must have leaders who can conduct daily training uploaded onto our eLearning platforms partners based in the UK who will act as mentors, advisors and off-site relationship experts to get the very best from our teams well-being and state of mind, additional to being lifelong coaches Aspire Solutions and the British Butler School will assist us with our aims with site visits.

Our leaders must be provided with the tools to the do the job and every Personal Assistant should be empowered and supported to achieve their aims.

As General Manager, you will be the person who drives results and gets the job done by bringing the resort to life and providing the support your teams need to complete every guest mission. Embracing new relationships, the team will have the power to give feedback on senior Management if they fail to provide the support services by completing daily surveys based upon guest satisfaction to identify barriers to service. (Long gone are the days where managers purely judge employees, we live in a millennial world where every team member can provide feedback aligned to success indicators.

Every guest must feel they are the only guest in our hotels and should be provided with continual world class love, care and understanding,

Your key attribute will be your ability to compliment and manage a large culturally rich and diverse team and allow guests to have amazing experiences rewarded in developing a new brand and loyal following.

The Client

The AI resort Group will be branded in the Spring and offer the ultimate out of this world experience, exquisite gourmet dining and gorgeous settings and backdrops. They are committed to find extraordinary leaders with excellence as second nature.

Guests are becoming bored with ordinary luxury and are now ready to move to another level, developing experiences in locations never imagined, on sea, on land, in the ocean and in outer space. Pioneering Hospitality will be about making services come to life. .

As our guests increase their travel and knowledge of the hospitality world, they seek product differentiation and a high expectation on luxury standards, language and culture attuned to how they want to live.

Your role will be to ensure your teams are well emersed in the Company Culture and part of the vision. Every employee must make a two-year commitment and must holiday in sister properties to product ready and improve our services in what will be a breath taking, high impact revolutionary change which will not be suitable for everyone. No prisoners will be taken, but equally, we will not compromise on the quality we seek.

You must be able to write your own vision to cover your role.

  • To create an empowered team where everyone is a leader.
  • To write your own job brief.
  • To create Succession planning as your first priority and ensure a plan B and C is ready.
  • You must be ready to manage AI intelligence by implementing Robotic support, and hover robots and Drone security.
  • You must have three European languages, English, Spanish and French and be prepared to learn Chinese and Russian within one year of joining.
  • You must be prepared to lead from the front and to demonstrate any job to include, Butler, cook, cleaner, sales, HR, trainer and beach attendant, the Golden rule of thumb will be to never tell anyone how to do their job unless you can show them exactly how to do it.
  • You must put together and retain a world class team as core to your first indicator.
  • You bonus will be 4 month bonus based upon performance indicators.
  • You must achieve a 25% repeat guest relationship or a 50% retention within the group.
  • You will communicate in person or over our eLearning platforms, so your command of language and effective communication will be your second indicator
  • You must be someone who must inspire and motivate an entire army of workers.
  • Every employee must earn over $40,000 minimum and provide a high satisfaction survey of over 95%, This will be your third indicator.
  • Every employee must follow a carefully crafted training and development plan and must acquire industry leadership qualifications within their first three years. This will be your fourth indicator.
  • Your background must include luxury environments to include 10 years at the highest level.
  • You must not be a YES person. We want to challenge the status quo and scrutinize every standard and every operational skill. If there is a better way to do something, we want to find it. You must consider yourself a partner and not a staff member.


Candidates must be flexible enough to work exactly where you are placed and you must be prepared to travel and share your experience at any moment, you must be a company person and expect to be challenged on this one requirement. Everything else is an open book.

Married candidates are important, but not essential. A generous schooling allowance will be provided; however, we advocate home schooling and would allow your schooling budget to go towards home schooling requirements.

Salary: tell us what you are worth. The best candidate will name their price.

We can only respond to the most brilliant applicants and apologise for any offence caused by not contacting you regarding your application if you fail to be anything less.

Please note: You should never need to provide bank account details or any other financial information, or make any form of payment, when applying for a job. If you are ever asked to do this by a recruiter on our site please contact us with the advertiser's company name and the title of the job vacancy.