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Accounts Receivalbe

  • United Arab Emirates, Middle East
  • Unspecified

Essential Functions:

1.Daily balancing of Accounts Receivable by ensuring that transfers from Front Office, (daily reports printed from Opera for city ledger checkouts and credit card) balances with spool accounts receivable ageing and trail balance. The reports are signed and filed.

2.Ensure all amounts transferred to accounts receivable are made the same day & balances with night audit reports, fully supported with necessary back-ups and documentation.

3.Make sure that posting of payments are made against an invoice identified by its number and paid invoices are removed from their respective files, date stamped as paid and filed separately.

4.Maintain detailed record of payment including gross charges of commission, net amount paid and date of payment.

5.Rates are checked against signed contracts / agreements

6.Ensure signed contracts are filed properly, rates broken down and summarized for quick reference and correct billing

7.Credit card commission and Travel agency commission for the month are reconciled and booked.

8.To arrange manpower in accordance with business activity and budget staffing guidelines.

9.To plan the annual vacation schedule considering compatibility with anticipated business activities.

10.To allocate daily work.

11.To coordinate invoicing schedules, mailing of statements and reminders.

12.To promptly reply to any inquiries on present or past billings, arranging for rebates or refunds, whichever is applicable

13.To personally supervise banquet, group and convention billings for accuracy and to ensure all services as per the arrangement have been billed for.

14.To ensure that unidentified cash and charges are thoroughly investigated.

15.To refund all cancelled reservations advance deposits on a timely basis.

16.To provide information and supporting documents to the Income Auditor in reconciling unapplied advance deposits with reservations and GSA’s on a monthly basis.

17.To ensure credit cards are billed according to established schedule.

18.To ensure that files are maintained for open accounts and all details of collection activity are included.

19.To check invoices before mailing for complete addresses

20.To prepare the agreed trial balance on a timely basis and ensure it balances with the general ledger control. Promptly investigating and resolving any differences.

21.To prepare the monthly invoices for tenants.

22.To maintain a proper filing system for folios, ledgers and all other important documents, to ensure filing is current and that documents are easily retrievable for subsequent review.

23.To prepare the month end summary for posting to the general ledger for travel agent commissions, credit cards commissions, late charges etc. and prepare all monthly receivable reports.

24.To assist the credit manager with overdue accounts follow-up.

25.To assist the credit manager with the preparation of the list of recommended accounts for write-off.

26.Participates in the monthly credit meeting as an active member of the credit committee.

27.Trains staff to adequately process the daily works both the preparations of the input and subsequent follow up. Ensures that receivable personnel are fully conversant with all local policies and procedures affecting account receivable.

28.Ensures that there are adequate supplies available of all stationery and office supplies used by receivables.

29.Maintains all contracts and agreements for the daily verification to ensure the proper filling.

30.To post invoices in Opera and post payments in Opera.

31.To supervise Accounts Receivable in allocating payments in Opera.

32.To maintain the files of paid and unpaid invoices in correct order.

33.Ensures that supporting documentation is provided for charges to company, and advises superiors accordingly.

34.Follows to ensure that house folios are closed by Front Desk on a weekly and monthly basis.

35.Supervises Accounts Receivable to prepare weekly and monthly rebates by the due dates.

36.Contacts corporations by telephone to ensure that unauthorized billings do not occur.

37.Assist the Credit Manager in making daily phone calls to individuals and corporations with accounts past due in order to effect collections.

38.Follows established policies and procedures in mailing letters and notices to delinquent accounts.

39.Maintain notes, records and history of all credit work.

40.Monitor group master accounts from check-in through checkout, ensuring correctness of billing.Prepare and post city ledger adjustments as needed.Prepare and mail invoices with proper documentation same day as transferred to Accounts Receivable.

41.Supervises Accounts Receivable in preparing and mail individual travel voucher accounts with proper documentation same day as transferred to Accounts Receivable.

42.Research and respond to all credit card chargebacks within time limits set by credit card companies, processing the necessary adjustments when required.

43.Research and respond to all individual travel agent commission inquiries in a timely manner.

44.Prepares on monthly basis and send for Director of Finance review the following reports;

·Accounts Receivable Analysis

·Accounts Receivable Monthly & YTD Analysis

·Accounts Receivable audit is prepared and filed

·Travel Agent commission audit is prepared and filed

·Average Collection Days

·Credit card daily tracking of credit card commission

·Travel Agents Commission

·Credit Card Commission

·Credit Card Tracing

·Detailed Accounts Receivable Ageing

·Summary Accounts Receivable Ageing

·Accounts Receivable Daily Transactions Summary

·Credit Card commission deducted at source reconciliation

·Travel Agents commission deducted at source reconciliation

45.Credit card payments are matched to daily posting schedules to ensure they are correctly accounted for

46.Master accounts have been billed on a timely basis (within 5 working days after check out/function)

47.Direct billed accounts-registered guests were billed within 48 hours (except on weekends) after the guest(s) check out

48.Ensure credit card refunds are reviewed by an independent person and evidence of review is provided

49.All accounts receivable credit balances and advance deposits have been reclassified from Accounts Receivable to General Ledger as liabilities.

50.Disputed charges reported by guest are investigated and resolved.

51.City Ledger invoices are stored and filed monthly.

52.Amounts charged to accounts receivable are analyzed, documented, posted to customers accounts and billed promptly

53.Ensure all employees ledgers are closed with current aging and deducted from the currents months pay cheque

54.Maintain monthly reconciliation for banquets & unutilized rooms deposit account

55.Ensure all newly opened accounts receivable accounts is supported with an authorized and approved request for direct billing form.

56.Follow up on Credit card disputes or rejects and investigate how resolved. Dig further to ensure that this is not evidence of possible fraud.

57.Credit balances other than guest ledger are transferred to the general ledger on each month end closing. Charges consequently to these credit balances are reviewed and reconciled.

58.Files are maintained on all open accounts and include backup documentation for the charges, list of contacts, approvals for credit card payments, etc. Where credit card account numbers are stored in these files, the files are stored in accordance with PCI.

59.Returned checks, chargeback’s and other receivables have been properly recorded in the City Ledger.

60.All identifiable credit balances resulting from guest over payments are refunded within 30 days. Unidentifiable credit balances are handled in accordance with the Finance Policy 420.06 A/P- Unclaimed Property-Escheatment

61.Credit card credits are verified against the original debit by someone who does not have access to credit card processing.

62.All guest/credit card inquiries have been responded within 48 hours.

63.All chargeback’s have been responded to in accordance with Finance Policy 430.11.

64.Ensure full supporting documents is maintained on file for all accounts receivable accounts

65.Maintain a record of all receivable accounts exceeding 180 days ( a complete list indicating invoice by invoice, the availability of LPO, most recent action/intended action, expected collectability percentage, an expected settlement date, reserve already built up & a brief description of the case)

66.Filing is made according to the written record retention / filing system procedures for accounts receivable section

67.Ensure payments are credited to specified invoices. All payments received are supported by remittance advices or copy of the receipts or copy of the statement indicating settled invoices from the customer

68.Ensure accounts receivable ageing balances to general ledger at month end

69.To prepare monthly supplemental checklist and send for Director of Finance review and signature

70.Be familiar with the hotel Credit Policy

71.Be familiar with Financial Policies and Procedures for “Accounts Receivable / Credit”

72.Prepare and issue management reports daily, weekly, and monthly and as when required.

73.To maintain proper filing and adhere to the record retention report as per policy and procedure.

74.Other duties and responsibilities that maybe assigned by the immediate superior.

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