Our brand

Constance Hotels and Resorts is the pioneer of luxury hospitality in the Indian Ocean, providing exclusive experiences to our guests through passionate employees and tailor-made services. We share our idea of luxury through our art of living: experience the finest moments in life in settings of pure beauty, without ostentation.

Our passion is driven by turning guests’ dreams into unique emotional experiences, exceeding their expectations.

Our Value

Our value creation strategy is driven by the passion of our people for excellence and by our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Our teams focus on providing authentic and unique experiences to our guests, continuously increasing operational efficiency, enhancing the international recognition of the Constance Hotels and Resorts brand, and maximising the value of our hotel portfolio with a view to delivering superior returns to our shareholders and creating balanced value to our stakeholders over the long term.

Our people

Our people are at the very heart of everything we do. They are fundamental to bringing our values to life and to delivering on our promise for excellence.

Our human resource strategy is continually reviewed and strengthened to recruit, retain and develop the best talents in the hotel industry.

Inspire our guests

We are dedicated to going the extra mile to provide our guests with inspiring and unique hospitality experiences, as we strongly believe that service quality makes the difference in the luxury hospitality segment.

The Constance Minimum Standards ensure all our hotels consistently offer high quality products and services. We engage with our guests and incorporate their feedback in our strategic formulation processes to better tailor our offering to the multi-faceted and ever-changing demand of our clientele.

Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices

Our value creation strategy aims at reconciling economic performance with ethical practices. Such practices are primary to positively contribute to biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage preservation and community development.

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