Sales Executive

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Doha (QA)
25 Sep 2017
23 Oct 2017
Job Level

Responsibilities and Obligations:

Hotel Strategy and Budget

  • Contribute to the hotel strategy by giving regular inputs on the market trends, needs and opportunities.
  • Organise its activities in order to reach the targets set by the management.
  • Sell all aspects of the hotel generating revenue (Rooms, F&B, Banquets …)

Account Management

  • Manage Business Accounts with professionalism and persistence with the aim to fill the hotel as per the Sales and Marketing Plan, the revenue strategy and the objectives set.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the potential of the account and all contacts have been screened and reported.
  • Ensure that all conversations and decisions with clients met each day are registered.
  • Ensure that the territory and segments are efficiently covered through organised blitz, telemarketing, sales calls, site inspections, trade shows, workshops, entertainment, association or network groups memberships …
  • Ensure that the database is clean and up-to-date at any time.
  • Ensure that the guests is satisfied with the Sales, Reservations, C&E and others by keeping informed on the process of the booking, and getting involved when needed.
  • Respect and achieve the minimum number of sales calls required by the management.
  • Respect and achieve the minimum number of entertainment lunches or dinners required by the management.
  • Respect and achieve the minimum number of site inspections required by the Management
  • Communicate leads to the relevant sister-hotels, colleagues or departments within the same day.

Attitude and Communication toward the Client

  • Represent the hotel in the market and represent the strategy of the hotel in any communication with a client
  • Be correct and respectful with the clients
  • Respect the decisions and deadlines given to a client, even if another department is involved (this means that the department must be informed about the decision and deadlines and traced accordingly)
  • Do not over-promise but make sure a 'Yes' is a realistic 'Yes' and manage to explain the reasons of possible negative answers.
  • Ensure that all KEY accounts are introduced to the key Head of Department and DOSM. 
  • Recommend and/or organise clients gathering to create multi-level contacts within the hotel.

Attitude and Communication toward internal colleagues and departments

  • Ensure that the communication flow is maximised between colleagues from other departments in order to achieve the guest satisfaction on time by taking care of the time frame needed by the colleagues / departments to deliver required actions.
  • Follow up on the Leads

Keeping up the standards

  • Read all policies and procedures for the Hotel and the Sales Department and get confidence about their understanding and ensure you apply them accordingly.
  • Be responsible for the quality of the correspondence and any written or verbal communication internally and externally


  • Ensure at any time that the atmosphere in the Sales Department is pleasant.
  • At any time and under any circumstances, respect the colleagues and superiors and chooses the right communication tools and manners in case of potential conflict arising.
  • Be helpful with colleagues and superiors
  • Communicate pleasantly and professionally with other departments


  • Attend the daily meetings set by the Head of the department
  • Attend the weekly Sales and Marketing Department meetings
  • Provide the Management with Sales Statistics performance reports as per department standards in due time.
  • Deliver reports to the Management when required within the deadlines.
  • Participate to the Monthly Report production.
  • Keep up-to-date with the PMS available reports.
  • Ensure that all accounts are entered in the Front Office System for tracking of the results


  • Follow up and implement when needed the marketing activities agreed on a 90 days rolling plan
  • Identify opportunities within the market and territory and informs the management
  • Participate to mailings when required on the respective territory
  • Recommend internet presence on specific website.
  • Conform to BCSD  brand standards and corporate identity

Credit Management

  • Ensure that KEY accounts are credit-approved
  • Extend credit as agreed with Finance and ensure accounts stay within pre-set credit limits
  • Initiate Credit Application for potential accounts and assist the credit process with necessary documents to ensure the liability of the companies
  • Assist the Credit department in reducing the payment collection lead time.

Department budget personal responsibility

  • Be careful, honest and discerning about any spending made on the hotel budget (expenses, telephone calls, brochure distributions, give-aways distribution, entertainments …)

Security, Safety and Health

  • Maintains high confidentiality in regards to guest privacy.
  • Reports any suspicious behaviour of guests and staff to the General Manager and Security.
  • Notifies housekeeper regarding lost and found objects.
  • Ensures that all potential and real hazards are reported appropriately immediately.
  • Fully understands the hotel’s fire, emergency, and bomb procedures.
  • Follows emergency procedures to provide for the security and safety of guests and employees.
  • Works in a safe manner that does not harm or injure self or others.
  • Anticipates possible and probable hazards and conditions and notifies the Manager.
  • Maintains the highest standards of personal hygiene, dress, uniform, appearance, body language and conduct.


  • Has been in contact with a Sales Approach in the Hotel Industry or a similar industry.
  • Has a positive attitude towards guest service and shows a self motivation.
  • English + Another language.
  • Organisation and communication skills.


  • Contact with all members of the Sales and Marketing Department, Credit department, Rooms Division, F&B Division.