General Manager - Costa del Sol - Spain

Spain (ES)
14 Feb 2017
14 Mar 2017
Job Level

General Manager

A Fast Food/Take-out Restaurant chain conceptually centred around a grill/kebab/Italian menu,large selection of tap and bottled beer, that also functions as a sports bar.

We are looking for a Spanish speaking General Manager

Goals for the next 2 years

1) Reach a breakeven point in the first 3-6 months

2) Have the desired brand recognition in 6 months

3) Reach the desired profit goal in 18-24 months

Goals for next 3 – 5 years

1) Profit - a steady increase of 5-15% yearly (from the starting desired profit of 20-30% ROI)

2) Brand recognition - known to the targeted consumer base in Costa Del Sol

3) Expand the chain to 3-4 restaurants by the end of the 5 year period

The owner will be financing the company for the first 3-6 months, after that the company must reach a breakeven point and become self-sufficient.

What will be the biggest challenges?

Reaching, or even creating, a loyal consumer base as this is a semi-unique concept (Mainly concerns San Pedro)

The main responsibilities for General Manager

1) Employees - hiring, training and controlling all the staff (kitchen, servicing and technical)

2) Menu - creation and further improvement of a unique menu (both food and beverage) that fits the concept of the chain

3) Workplace - control the venues personally to keep them in a clean, functioning and presentable state, work closely with the employees to keep guest satisfaction level as high as possible.

4) Suppliers - set up a functioning supply chain for all the restaurants, given that they are located in different cities (create a “required raw product” chart, based on the menu, choose the suppliers based on the cost-quality of the products and control the cost, quality and delivery times, renegotiate if necessary)

5) Inventory - control the amount and quality of product inventory based on the day to day sales, ensuring the proper amount and quality of stock on hand.

6) Marketing - work closely with an SMM manager to create quarterly promotions and constantly supply him with photo content to keep the marketing campaign going.

7) Competition - monitor the quality and price of the existing competitors, also analyse new venues as possible competition.

8) Accounting - provide monthly/quarterly/yearly managerial reports to the owner.

9) Government - the GM will be responsible for ensuring that the venues work in accordance to the latest regulations

Main goals for new GM during the first 2 years:

The goals of the company are the goals of the GM

What skills and experience are needed role in the success?

1) Personal knowledge of all processes in a restaurant (kitchen, waiters and bar)

2) Medium level of computer literacy - will need to set up and work with a highly computerized system of restaurant control

3) Basic level of accounting and finance needed to work with suppliers, government agencies and create reports to the owner

4) The successful candidate must be able to speak Spanish

What kind of personal characteristic this new GM should have?

1) Hard working, personally invested in the success of the venue

2) High communication skills, the job requires a lot of contact with both the customers and employees

3) Attention to detail - every successful restaurant is based around details (cleanness, technical functionality, attitude towards consumers)