13 Feb 2017
23 Feb 2017
Job Level
To participate actively in welcoming warmly and greeting the guest as soon as he arrives at the hotel.
To assist Car Valet in opening the car doors.
To help the Security in clearing the traffic in the front of the hotel during busy hours.
To assist in opening the hotel doors for the guests.
To call taxi for guest and record their registration number carefully.
To pro-actively offer umbrellas to the hotel guests, when needed.
When the Car Valet is busy or absent, to pick up quickly the luggage from the car's boot and to send them to the Bell Desk Area.
To pick up the luggage from the guest room when it is requested and to send it to the lobby in the shortest time possible. To put a tag each piece of luggage, and to give a copy to the guest.
To send the guest luggage from the hotel entrance to their room when they "check in" in the shortest time possible. If the luggage is on "stand by", to tag it, and give a copy to the guest.
To coordinate with the Front Desk the room numbers and tag numbers to ensure that the correct numbers are collected.
To send the luggage to the store room when it is required and to keep full records
To keep the luggage room clean and organized
To clean the trolleys used by the Bell Desk.
To deliver the newspapers to the guest rooms.
The Bellboy will bring the messages to the guest rooms
Bellboy will assist the guest with information and direction.

Feel fully responsible, be autonomous, adaptable, professional, have a love of adventure and a desire to stretch your limits: that's the Novotel spirit.
An international brand with a network of 400 hotels in 60 countries, Novotel's success is due to the professionalism and enthusiasm of its 30 000 employees who have been embodying the brand's ideals for over 40 years.

DNA of the brand, innovation is at the heart of the promise made to employees: "At Novotel, we grow faster". To transform this promise into reality, Novotel has implemented a unique human resources policy declined around five main professional career paths. Novotel accompanies each employee throughout their career. Integration, geographic mobility, bridging provision, skills development… everyone is given the opportunity to progress quickly and go further. Impossible is not Novotel.


Level of Education

Areas of study
Hospitality Management

Professional experiences
1 to 2 years

Languages essential
English (Primary tongue)