12 Feb 2017
12 Mar 2017
Job Level

Will you take enormous pride in making beautiful, well-crafted drinks fast and efficiently, all the while caring for a bar full of guests, telling stories and entertaining guests, monitoring the scores and filling drink orders for the service coordinators? Do you know that your role is responsible for making sure the bar is stocked with glasses, ice, condiments and everything that is needed to service/ mix various drinks and cocktails? Are you aware that the role is responsible for providing the first impressions to our guests and, therefore, must welcome and greet as well as serve guests to ensure they carry with them fond memories? Are you familiar with the entire beverage offerings to maintain high standards of use up-selling techniques? If you have answered yes to all of our questions above, you might be fit for this role.


  • Minimum 2 years in a mixologist/bartending role within an upscale cocktail bar/lounge or a 5* hotel environment
  • Moderate level of communication in written and spoken English is a must
  • Individual has also to be physically fit and able to lift, move and carry items within the prescribed limits
  • Good interpersonal skills 
  • Must possess the relevant food handling certificate as required by the local authorities
  • Familiar with HACCP Guidelines and food safety requirements