Chief Engineer - TIME Hotels

Dubai, UAE

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TIME Hotels
Dubai, UAE
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Engineering, Chief Engineer
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Job Description


We are looking for a candidate to join as a Chief Engineer and be a part of our energetic, enthusiastic and passionate Engineering Team at TIME Hotels.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Coordinates closely with the General Manager of the Hotel and the Corporate Vice President - Engineering and Technical Services on all matters related to the repairs and maintenance operations of the physical plant and Engineering facilities within the Hotel and Staff Accommodation.
  2. Responsible for maintaining all mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment including heating and ventilation as well as the general maintenance of the hotel complex.
  3. To organize and set up preventive maintenance programs for all electrical and mechanical equipment including general building works.
  4. To advise the General Manager and the Corporate Vice President - Engineering and Technical Services of any problems at all times.
  5. To supervise maintenance staff and contract employees who are carrying out minor building work, electrical and mechanical installations.
  6. To supervise and liaise with all contractors. To write specifications for all electrical, mechanical and associated building works complying with the local Government Regulations. Also inspects and signs for contractor works upon satisfactory completion.
  7. To schedule planned and preventive maintenance programs on all electrical and mechanical equipment throughout the hotel premises.
  8. To agree with the General Manager and Corporate Vice President - Engineering and Technical Services staffing levels and standards, as well as career advancement for his staff.
  9. To decide and agree with the General Manager and the Corporate Vice President - Engineering and Technical Services the priorities on all electrical and mechanical projects i.e. minor or major projects.
  10. To advise and inform the General Manager and Corporate Vice President - Engineering and Technical Services on any health and safety matters relating to the electricity at work regulations at 1989. Also, to liaise with the local government authorities when necessary.
  11. To submit monthly reports to the General Manager copied to the Corporate Vice President - Engineering and Technical Services. Reporting on all engineering matters, work completed and in progress. Also the careful monitoring of energy costs.
  12. To attend the daily morning briefing and Department Heads Meeting and report on all work in progress or delay or any technical problems that may occur.
  13. To organize and implement regular fire training courses and evacuation drills as directed by the General Manager.
  14. Oversees the general maintenance of all life safety systems throughout the hotel. Reports any major defects to the General Manager and Corporate Vice President - Engineering and Technical Services Analyses and appraises the performance of each member of the engineering team and submit recommendation if any additional training courses are required in order to develop them further.
  15. Ensures that all administration files are kept up to date including drawing prints, specifications and equipment technical maintenance manuals.
  16. Recommends and evaluates energy conservation programs and ensures they are carried out as well as investigates the wastage.
  17. Prepares and submits to the General Manager his department annual repairs and maintenance budget, including FF&E and any major or special projects that may be required.

2.         General Responsibilities

  1. To promote efficiency, confidence, courtesy and an extremely high standard of social skills.
  2. To generally promote and ensure good inter-departmental relations.
  3. To display a pleasant manner and positive attitude at all times and to promote a good company image to guests and colleagues.
  4. To demonstrate pride in the workplace and personal appearance at all times when representing the hotel thus identifying a high level of commitment.
  5. To adhere to Company and Hotel rules and regulations at all times.

3.         Occasional Responsibilities

  1. To report any equipment failures/problems to the Maintenance Department.
  2. To pass any maintenance requests to the Maintenance Department.
  3. To participate in any Training/Developments schemes as recommended by senior management.
  4. To assist the Duty Manager in any task outlined/detailed by him/her.
  5. To comply with any reasonable request made by management to the best of your ability.

4.         Legal Responsibilities

To ensure that the standards required by Law and by Management are maintained at all times in the areas specified above.