Cluster Chief Engineer

Oman (OM)
08 Feb 2017
08 Mar 2017
Job Level

Position: Cluster Chief Engineer

Department: Engineering  

Reporting to: General Manager / Director of Operations  


Ensures smooth organisation of Engineering Department and delivers an effective work control and productivity.  


  • Tests regular all fire prevention systems in the entire hotel.
  • Directs and supervises the implementation of an effective Trouble Report system together with other day-to-day works of general maintenance and repair to ensure that the building, its contents and its surroundings are at all times in first-class condition throughout.
  • Identifies and arranges for all work necessary to maintain this high standard whether mechanical, electrical or civil, to be completed in good time.
  • Advises General Manager and Area Director of Engineering on refurbishment and rebuilding.
  • Ensures all disturbances / breakdowns are handled and registered.
  • Draws up preventive maintenance schedules for every item of mechanical and electrical plant or equipment of all departments, such as Chillers, Boilers, Cooling
  • Towers, Air Handling Units and Fans, Pumps, Automatic Control systems, Sanitation etc.
  • Incorporates these schedules into the development of a comprehensive preventive maintenance scheme, directs and supervisors the work of his assistant and his team of skilled and semiskilled tradesmen in its continuous implementation.
  • Monitors the effects of servicing and maintenance on their condition wherever possible by means of engineering log and instrument test readings.
  • Controls departmental budget and maintain accuracy of savings, such as electricity, gas water, supplies, etc.
  • Arranges and negotiates prices for all manufactures / agents service contracts in accordance with requirements of the relevant policy.
  • Co-ordinates and supervises the work of service contractors to ensure that the terms of all such contracts for major plant and systems designated as critical are fully implemented.
  • For all works involving outside contractors or consultants draws up relevant specifications and assesses the quotations.
  • Confers with successful contractors and follows up closely to ensure that all works are completed according to specification and within the required period. 


Safety & security  

  • Pays constantly attention to security and safety regulations and is fully aware of the local law risks procedures.
  • Trains team members according to standards in RISK manual.   


  • Excellent  knowledge of the English language or another language with mother tongue     


  • High educated , prefer diploma in hotel management   


  • 5-7 years experience in 5* hotel