Commis 1

United Arab Emirates (AE)
04 Feb 2017
04 Mar 2017
Job Type
Chefs, Commis Chef
Job Level

Habtoor Hospitality is looking for a Commis I, who has the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as follows;

  • The ability to work closely not only with the Sous Chef and Executive Chef, but also with the Chef de Partie in preparing mis en place.
  • The ability to work with standard recipes, photo’s and plate presentations in order to maintain quality standards and presentation in accordance with Habtoor Hospitality established guidelines and standards.
  • The ability to work neatly and clean; keeping all work areas and refrigerators organized and in accordance with sanitary requirements. “ First in First Out” &  “If you make the mess, you clean it up”
  • The ability to display an interest in all kitchen and hotel activities and help colleagues when and where ever possible.
  • The ability and desire to proactively learn, test and sample (eat) all world cuisines by whatever means possible whether through hotel programs and training or self-taught research and development.
  • The ability to keep waste to a minimum and work in a proactive manner to assist in meeting budgeted food cost levels.
  • The ability to maintain a cooperative working relationship with fellow employees.
  • The ability to leave enough mis en place for the next shift and utilize formalized production lists and following a shift-handover SOP.
  • The ability to accommodate all food server's requests when possible regarding guest's personal, preference and requests.
  • The ability to handle and rotate food according to established procedures.
  • The ability to make requisitions of all items needed for the next day, with the    assistance of the Chef de Partie or Sous Chef on duty.
  • The ability to maintain a full line of communication with supervisors and fellow workers and all hotel associates.
  • The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
  • The ability to turn off all equipment ensuring no safety hazard has been left behind.
  • The ability to work as directed on station of assignment under appropriate Chef de Partie.
  • The ability to set up station properly and on time for each service period.
  • The ability to make sure all food is prepared by recipes designated by the Chef de Cuisine or Chef de Partie.
  • The ability to make sure quality and quantity meets our standard.
  • Responsible to notify the Chef de Cuisine or Chef de Partie of any problems or complaints as when they arise.
  • The ability to be able to work in another area when needed and take part in cross training when directed.
  • The ability to be able to come to any and all kitchen meetings whilst on duty or otherwise.
  • The ability to all food items for storage must be covered, dated and labelled according established guidelines, standards and checklists.
  • The ability to sign acceptance for tools, knives, uniforms etc. and will pay back to the company for any loss or damage of said equipment.
  • Fill out the appropriate log sheets according to our standard on a daily base.
  • Be aware of accident prevention and help enforce sae work habits – Zero accidents is our goal.
  • Follow all kitchen regulations as outlined and directed.
  • Swipe in and out has to be done in uniform, not before getting changed.
  • Overtime will be approved on business demands by the Chef de Cuisine.