Security Officer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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IFA Properties and Residential Services
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Security, Security Officer
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A successful Security Officer should have:

  • Valid DPS Certificate and physical fitness passing results is a must.
  • High School diploma- At least 2 years of experience in Security field in UAE
  • Good knowledge of safety and security principles and practices in UAE.
  • Knowledge of CCTV systems.
  • Good oral and written English communication. Additional languages are an asset.
  • Due to the immediate need to hire for this position, candidates are expected to be on Visit/Tourist Visa or Visa Cancellation and not expected to serve one month notice in current company.

Main Duties / Responsibilities of Security Officer include but not limited to:

  • Manning the post at all times.
  • Adhere to all the relevant instructions received, pertaining to the job title, from the Client and IFA Management.
  • Maintain a state of vigilance with regards to the Safety condition within the property.
  • Maintain the availability of unobstructed emergency escape routes, fire exits, and portable firefighting equipment.
  • Patrol the property common areas at regular intervals – monitor, act and report incidents, and pay attention to any fire threats, lost property, suspicious persons or other activities.
  • Report and respond to emergencies within the property involving but are not limited to fire, theft and accidents.
  • Restrict residents from letting their pets (dogs) walk without leash.
  • Monitor, and report illegal parking.
  • Registration of contractors and deliveries.
  • Monitoring of Fire alarms and response.
  • Registration of vehicles at entry and exit point.
  • Ensure that the Fire Fighting equipment in their immediate area is always in working condition, maintained and operational.
  • Report any non-conformances to the Senior Patrolling Guard.
  • Assist Senior Patrolling Guard in completing the reports but are not limited to Daily log report and incident report.
  • Restrict unauthorized property removal.
  • Ensure that no unauthorized visitors are allowed inside the premises.
  • Challenge any person on site, if suspicious.
  • Act as Fire Marshalls, and participate in scheduled fire drills.
  • Assist Senior Patrolling Guard to establish records during the fire drills, and building fire incidents.
  • Attend and pro-actively deal with any security-related incident, as directed by supervisor or member of IFA Security Management.
  • Respond to Customer complaints that are not limited to; noise complaints, illegal parking, lost and found, fire alarms etc.
  • Conduct access control and restrict unauthorized access to pedestrian and by cars.
  • Assist Senior Patrolling Guard in carrying out the Security Operations within the property.
  • Issuing of keys to Authorized personnel.
  • Conduct bag/vehicle/room search, it can only be performed when the occurrence pertains to an internal staff or a sub-contractor.
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