Assistant Laundry Manager

Abu Dhabi (AE)
31 Jan 2017
28 Feb 2017
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Key Responsibilities 

The laundry manger is a professional responsible for delegating the work to the uniform and laundry personnel and giving them directions on how to proceed with their work. Before the laundry personnel starts their work, he/she makes sure that all the laundry equipment and any other relevant things are in proper working condition and that every employee adheres by the OSHA requirements and guidelines. He/she is thus accountable for the health and safety of the employees working in the laundry. Here are some points that will illustrate the kind of responsibilities that need to be carried out by a laundry manager in the best way:

Job Responsibilities

  1. To schedule and plan the daily work for the laundry personnel and delegate the work depending on the workload and priority requirements
  2. To supervise the work of the laundry personnel when they are preparing some solutions that need to be used for sterilizing the fabrics or laundering purpose
  3. To regularly inspect the progress of the work and to make sure that quality is maintained and may shift the personnel according to changing priority work situations
  4. To maintain and update all the records related to their attendance, punctuality, leaves taken, etc., and conduct interviews in case there is requirement for additional staff personnel. He/she may also be involved in hiring or terminating the employees.
  5. To train and mentor the new workers and give them valuable information regarding various laundry procedures that need to be followed while working
  6. To make requisition for any laundry supplies like detergents, soaps, bleaches, disinfectants, starches, etc., and to maintain proper records of the supplies and the items that have been laundered

The laundry manager in addition to the above responsibilities ensures that all the laundry equipment, machinery and premises are being maintained well. He/she carries out repair activities of the machinery that have been damaged or may discuss with the senior administrative personnel to suggest if any equipment needs to be purchased. He/she is also responsible for handling the financial transactions and is involved in payroll processing, controlling the inventory, designing the budgets, and forecasting the future requirements, etc.

He/she makes sure that high quality cleanliness is maintained and that all the standard regulatory policies are being followed. He/she attends the inquiries and resolves the customer complaints so that they remain satisfied and help in ensuring better business. He/she also ensures that statutory health and safety regulations are being followed by the workers in the laundry areas. In short, he/she makes every effort to promote the laundry so that it is able to attract more clients, thereby increasing the business of the laundry. In short, he/she makes sure that the clothing is clean, disinfected, washed, dried, ironed and stored in a proper manner, so as to make the client content and satisfied.