Chief Engineer

Al Seef, Kingdom of Bahrain
30 Jan 2017
27 Feb 2017
Job Level

Duties and Responsibilities

•Develop and oversee all functions of the Engineering Department.

•Ensure all compliance issues are adhered to with regard to building inspections, safety and security, etc.

•Maintain current licenses and permits as prescribed by your jurisdiction for your division.

•Develop the annual budget and targets for areas under your supervision.

•Prepare and produce detailed financial reports as required in a timely fashion.

•Use various financial management skills to analyze performance results to identify profitability shortfalls or opportunities to reduce costs, improve overall profitability and meet budget goals.

•Ensure departments under your supervision are managed to control costs and meet budget goals.

•Provide ongoing communication to all areas within your division regarding policies, programmes and procedures.

•Ensure all operating procedures are properly implemented within your division.

•Review and modify operating manuals within your division as required.

•Conduct regular walkthroughs of public areas, back-of-house areas and guestrooms to ensure the proper working function of equipment and systems and to ensure all FF&E are in good condition.

•Oversee the routine testing and maintenance of the Hotel’s electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire detection, fire prevention, security systems, elevators and other Hotel equipment and monitor their efficiency and utilization.

•Oversee the routine maintenance of Hotel FF&E.

•Oversee the routine service and chemical maintenance of the Hotel swimming pool, if not serviced by a contractor.

•Oversee the maintenance of the building exterior, if not serviced by a contractor (e.g. lawn care, painting, etc.).

•Prioritize, troubleshoot or schedule work as appropriate to meet business needs for ad hoc maintenance projects.

•Maintain accurate records of all building system maintenance and routine inspections.

•Work with the Housekeeping Department to develop and maintain a preventive maintenance programme for all equipment installations, building ground, furniture and fixtures to ensure maximum utilization, minimum breakdown and high standards of quality.

•Monitor and evaluate Hotel energy and water use to highlight areas for inefficiencies or opportunities where resource use can be reduced to reduce utility costs and improve the Hotel’s sustainability measures.

•Maintain a complete up to date file of Hotel floor plans, technical drawings, manuals for buildings, grounds and all equipment contained within the Hotel.

•Manage department expenses as per budget requirements by overseeing payroll and purchasing and recommending corrective actions as necessary.

•Oversee all purchasing, receiving and inventory practices and exercise risk management to prevent improper handling, damage, spoilage or theft of inventory items.

•Review and negotiate tender documents and vendor contracts as necessary.

•Obtain information and knowledge to keep abreast of industry practice, technological and advancement, new methods, equipment and materials.

•Oversee maintenance tasks of third party contractors as required.

•Ensure the best candidates fill vacancies by participating in the recruitment process of Employees under your supervision.

•Develop and constantly review the succession plan within your division and develop cross training and professional development programmes for the advancement of potential Supervisors and Managers.

•Conduct regular performance appraisals for Managers and Supervisors to assess employment eligibility during their probation period, and opportunities for development throughout their career with the Hotel and SBI.

•Ensure Managers within your division are properly carrying out probationary reviews and performance appraisals as required and review all appraisals for underperforming Employees.

•Identify training opportunities and ensure training objectives are met in areas under your supervision.

•Address issues with regard to Employee misconduct and disciplinary action as per HR procedures.

•Manage the schedule for Managers and Supervisors in your division to ensure proper coverage to meet business needs.

•Review payroll costs for your division and make recommendations where appropriate.

•Attend and coordinate regular meetings including Executive Committee meetings and Department Head meetings within your division.

•Be a lead member in the Hotel’s Green Team with the goal of reducing resource use and utility costs.

•Maintain a complete understanding of the Employee Handbook and adhere to regulations contained therein.

•Maintain a complete understanding of the Hotel’s policy relating to fire, safety and health, and ensure all precautions are taken to safeguard against incidents for areas under your supervision.

•Perform other assignments to meet business needs as directed by your superiors.

Required Skills

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience as Chief Engineer in a 4/5 star International hotel chain. Stability in job experience.
  • Previous GCC experience is a must.
  • Air Conditioning background is preferable but not essential. Strong knowledge on RMS and BMS systems
  • Able to follow-up renovation projects (able to coordinate and communicate efficiently with contractors)
  • Strong leadership skills and attention to details. Able to work under pressure.
  • Requires strong organization time management skills