Director of Food & Beverage - Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park


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Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts - Middle East & Africa
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Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage Director
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Job Overview

Responsible for the
management and achievement of profit for all food and beverage operations in
the hotel including restaurants, bars, kitchen operations, catering and banquet
operations. Promotes the desired work culture around the five core values of
Trust, Integrity, Respect, One Team and Service of the InterContinental Hotels
Group and the brand ethos.   


At Crowne
®, we want our guests to
feel able to do their best, achieve their goals and be recognized for their
success.  To help them, we need you to
stay One Step Ahead and:

  • Create Confidence – by being an
    expert at what you do; by acting and looking the part and adapting your
    style to match your guests’ pace in all you do.
  • Encourages Success – by supporting and
    respecting your guests and their goals; by recognizing them and making
    them feel valued and important and offering thoughtful choices to help
    them feel restored and balanced.
  • Make It Happen – by being perceptive to your guests’ needs; by taking ownership for getting things done and working seamlessly with others to help guests be successful.

    This position will be in charge of two properties:
    Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park and Holiday Inn Doha - The Business Park.
    The upcoming property, Holiday Inn Doha – The Business Park, is scheduled to be
    open in 2017, therefore all pre-opening Food & Beverage activities for this
    hotel will be responsibility of this role. Cluster title will be awarded closer
    to the opening of Holiday Inn Doha – The Business Park.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    §  Oversee
    the management of restaurants, bars and outlets

    §  Oversee
    the management of the kitchen operations

    §  Oversee
    the management of catering operations

    §  Oversee
    the management of banquet operations

    §  Manage
    staff within the hotel’s organization structure and human resource and hotel

    §  Communicate
    regularly with food and beverage staff and conduct effective staff briefings

    §  Provide
    a professional, advisory and executive support service to the General Manager
    to assist in meeting strategic goals

    §  Establish
    systems which monitor the achievement of departmental goals

    §  Ensure
    compliance with business operations and hospitality laws

    §  Work
    with sales to manage the development of new products and services

    §  Develop
    quality management systems

    §  With
    Purchasing Manager, develop and monitor the implementation of purchasing

    §   Manage the delivery of high quality service to

    §  Access
    and use Food and Beverage computer programs




    §  Demonstrate
    service attributes in accordance with industry expectations and company
    standards including:

    §  Being
    attentive to Guests

    §  Accurately
    and promptly fulfilling Guests requests

    §  Anticipate
    Guests needs

    §  Maintain
    a high level of knowledge which affects the Guest experience

    §  Demonstrating
    a ‘service’ attitude

    §  Taking appropriate action to resolve guest


    §  Appreciate the dynamic nature of the Hotel industry
    and extend these service attributes to all internal customers

    §  Review
    and update existing standards to ensure competitiveness



    §  Prepare,
    manage and achieve the department’s budget. Duties include:

    §  Prepare
    and manage a cost effective budget with measurable targets for department
    within the financial parameters set down by the hotel budget

    §  Effectively
    monitor and analyse variations from the budget

    §  Develop
    systems that measure the cost effectiveness of the department

    §  Develop
    procedures that track, report on, and control the running costs of the



    §  Contribute
    to the overall strategic plan of the business and help compile the annual hotel
    business plan


    §  Keep
    abreast of trends in your area and implement best practice initiatives


    §  Develop
    a competitive business plan for your operational area and communicate this to
    your operational colleagues and staff



    §  Work
    within the company’s Human Resource Management System to ensure the
    departmental performance of staff is productive. Duties include:

    §  Plan
    for future staffing needs

    §  Recruit
    in line with company guidelines

    §  Prepare
    detailed orientation programmes for new staff

    §  Maintain
    a comprehensive, current and guest focused set of departmental standards and
    procedures and oversee their implementation

    §  Ensure
    training needs analysis of your departmental staff is carried out and training
    programmes are designed and implemented to meet needs

    §  Deliver

    §  Actively
    work at developing your direct reports and identify high potentials 

    §  Maintain
    training records for all direct reports and ensure they do the same for their

    §  Conduct
    probation and formal performance appraisal in line with company guidelines

    §  Coach,
    counsel and discipline staff, providing constructive feedback to enhance

    §  Approve
    leave requests after considering peaks and troughs in the business 

    §  Regularly
    communicate with staff to maintain positive relationships



  • Familiarise yourself with Company Health
    and Safety Policies and ensure your areas promote and comply with them

  • Take responsibility to rectify hazardous
    situations, reporting major areas of concern to your General Manager or

  • Familiarise yourself with property
    safety, first aid and fire and emergency procedures and actively enforce
    these in your area of responsibility

  • Ensure security incidents in your
    operational area are reviewed and corrective measures implemented to
    prevent recurring incidents 


    §  Comply
    with the Company’s Corporate Code of Conduct

    §  Familiarise
    yourself with the company values and model desired behaviours


    1.     Comply with Hotel Rules and Regulations and
    provisions contained in the Employment Handbook 

    2.     Comply with Company Grooming Standards at all
    times to portray a professional image of self and the hotel.

    3.     Comply with Time and Attendance Policies set
    by the hotel.

    4.     Actively participate in training and
    development programs and maximize opportunities for self-development

    5.     Demonstrate understanding and awareness of
    all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Life Safety

    6.     Familiarize yourself with emergency and evacuation

    7.     Ensure all security incidents, accidents and
    near misses are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention
    of the Line Manager

    8.     Comply with the Company’s Corporate Code of

    9.     Familiarize self with the company values (Great
    Hotels Guests Love) and model desired behaviors (Winning Ways, Room to be
    Yourself) and ways of working (IHG Wheel).

    10.  Perform all tasks as directed by the Manager
    in pursuit of the achievement of business goals


    The above is designed to help you in the understanding of the role and
    is not intended to be a definite list of your duties, as flexibility in meeting
    company and guest needs is required by all employees

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