E- Commerce Specialist/Digital Marketing Specialist

Jeddah (SA)
26 Jan 2017
23 Feb 2017
Job Level



The overall scope of the position is to maintain the hotel website, actively update content,  in accordance with the Habitat Hotels Corporate manuals and policies. The selected candidate will take care of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), manage online marketing activities for your hotel through development and monitor the representation of the hotel in social media. 


Hard and Soft Skills for E-commerce Specialist:

 An e-Commerce specialist needs to find ways of increasing sales, managing customer expectations, building customer relationships and increasing profitability. E-commerce roles are not just about finding an appropriate platform to bolt on to your client’s website.

Key skills you need for digital marketing roles, such as a good understanding of SEO, PPC, content marketing, customer relationship building etc. are all important for e-commerce roles. However, I am also asked for many of the soft and hard skills outlined below:

People skills – most roles are client-facing and therefore you will need to be confident with clients, salespeople and other industry professionals,

Written and verbal communication skills – not only will you need to be articulate in your dealings with clients and communicate ideas and results efficiently, you will also need great copywriting skills to attract customers and persuade them to buy,

A focus on customer experience – the objective for any e-commerce site is to not only to push visitors through the sales funnel, but for them to return for more; user experience is paramount,

Organizational skills / time management – you will need to use your time effectively on behalf of your clients and deliver excellent ROI,

Analytical skills – e-commerce is results driven and therefore you will need to be great at making sense of numbers and data,

Ability to spot opportunities and adapt quickly – the digital marketplace is an innovative and evolving sector and therefore you will need to move with it,

Merchandising skills – traditional retail skills are also valid in the e-commerce sector,

Technical knowledge – a good understanding of the major e-commerce platforms, security, testing and quality assurance will put you at an advantage,

Have a knowledge of web fundamentals such as:

HTML – A format for marking up/tagging web content.  At their root, ALL web pages are built using HTML.

CSS – This styles your web content.  Referencing the tags in the HTML code, it defines how the content looks: font size, colors, layout, etc.

JavaScript – A lightweight and interpreted, programming language

Server Side Programming – with PHP and ASP.net

Databases – MYSQL and MSSQL

Hosting fundamentals – How to register and host a new domain, and how to use FTP to transfer files to a server.

Ability to prioritize – there are many e-commerce concepts so it is important that you can prioritize what is best for your client and not be distracted by shiny new technologies,

Up-to-date sector knowledge – you will need to demonstrate that you are up-to-date on industry news and trends as this will help inform you work and respond to new challenges,

Enthusiasm for all things digital – if you tick the majority of the above skills then a passion for digital goes without saying.

An ecommerce person’s must have knowledge to most of the following marketing methods:

Online Retail Channels

Pay per click

Banner Advertising

Email Marketing

Multimedia marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Behavioral Marketing and Segmentation

Other Skills:

Assist in reaching the targeted website sales and distribution goals.

Make advertisement on Internet.

Full knowledge of Multimedia.

Maintain and develop hotel website as a source of bookings/revenue;

Assist in ensuring that hotel website is correctly distributed in www.habitathotel.com.sa

Ensuring the feed of information to the main web influencer and managing the communication with the blogosphere.

Contribute to the hotel content for the brand website (www.habitathotel.com.sa) as required and according to the given deadlines and policies.


Expert user of Google Analytics

A minimum of 5 years experience in a similar role

Must have 2 year experience of an advertising company.

Passionate in achieving revenue goals Ability of U/X testing and multi-variant testing

Demonstrable experience of increasing revenue through U/X improvements 

Relevant experience in web, hotel operations and revenue management is advantageous

Ability to generate innovative ideas and to “think outside the box”