Maintenance Assistant

24 Jan 2017
01 Mar 2017
Job Level
  • Perform Preventive Maintenance duties in all the different sections of the maintenance department.
  • Give assistance to all the technicians.
  • Undertake repairs and maintenance as per instruction of technicians, supervisors, team leaders and managers.
  • Organise and maintain a clean service area and maintenance building where maintenance and repairs are being done.
  • Report any observed maintenance issues to the supervisors.
  • Do regular cleaning in assigned areas, including BOH as assigned by supervisors.
  • Report all disciplinary grievances to the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Managers.
  • Ensure the correct usage of the material and equipments without wastage or excess to requirement.
  • Partake is guests comfort by attending and assisting in complaints related plumbing works, painting, masonary, electrical - and carpentry works within the property.
  • Undertake digging work related to new cabling works and also to cover existing cables which protrude from the soil surfaces.
  • Perform digging works and assist with the associated repair works when there are water leakages within the property.
  • Perform refurbishment works on plant and equipment, by chipping away corroded parts, polishing, priming and painting to the requested colours as specified by the technicians or supervisor.
  • Specific assignments will be given once he/she starts on the designated shift.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by a maintenance supervisor.

  1. Health & Safety

  • Ensure Occupational Safety and Health Act, local health and safety codes, and company safety and security policies are met.

  • Ensure and maintain that Health and Safety practices are followed at all times.

  • Adhere to fire alarm or any emergency statutory procedures in the event of fire.

  • Promote energy efficiency and environment and identify improvement to support the green globe Policy.

  • In case of fire or any other emergency, the Maintenance Assistant should be present with the team to assist the Emergency Team
  1. Assist in Maintenance of Equipment

  • Under the leadership of the different managers work in all the different sections as per Preventive Maintenance program issued

  • Work with technicians to ensure that any breakdown of equipment and services are immediately reported and dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

  • Ensure that in the context of the operations, all standards of management for the environment and its related legislation are strictly observed.