Social Media & Quality Manager

24 Jan 2017
01 Mar 2017
Job Level

The Social Media & Quality Manager is responsible for the maintenance of quality standards in all aspects of the operations covered by LHW and LRA standards . He/She maintains presence on the floor if and when required, is checking the service standards and has the necessary authority to intervene immediately to fix problems or to refer problems to the HOD concerned for necessary action. He/she supervises as well Green Globe initiative and social media to a certain extent


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not limited to the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.

  • In agreement with GM/RM proposes and establishes or reviews quality strategies in line with overall hotel quality goals
  • Market Matrix - is familiar with web page of MM and monitors results/reports on daily basis
  • Market Matrix - Monitors and analyses all Market Matrix received in detail, the ratio of emails bounced/answered. On daily basis shares the MM received , on weekly basis gives the main scores and does the in depth presentation of last month. The answering to MM with reported problems or lower scores is executed by PA to GM, whilst would be with GM only if PR to GM absent for holidays
  • LHW - is familiar with web site of LQA and all other connected programs (LHW memberships , Medallia program ecc) and as well with all LHW standards used for property audit
  • LRA - is familiar with web site of LRA and as well with all Constance Minimum standards used for property LRA audit
  • Conducts weekly audit of all areas in both LHW and LRA standards by observation or being subject of the audit and reports the results back to HOD's with copy to RM/GM
  • In charge of LQA and LRA actions plans when submitted after the audit
  • Implements if necessary control tools for the teams (analysis , action plan and follows ups) for LHW and LRA ongoing results (from internal and external audits)
  • In charge of coordinating collecting and sending photos and articles for social media - Facebook, Instagram and as per guidance from head office E- commerce department
  • Controlling the number and quality of reviews on Trip Advisor and other platforms and accordingly giving feedback and guidance to FOM and rest of the resort (in charge of emails addresses collection )
  • In charge of updated of Green Globe standards for yearly review - coordination with departments and guiding the process
  • Receives daily instructions from the General Manager/Resident Manager on areas in the operations, which requires particular attention
  • Participates in management morning meetings and when and if necessary in departmental one for the purpose of giving the feedback
  • Regularly attends Management Cocktails in order to meet guests.
  • Monitors Product and Public areas in order to control if standards given by LHW/LRA are met in terms of maintenance and cleanliness
  • Reviews all new SOP's and on agreed frequency controls that agreed SOP's are respected in each department
  • Ensure implementations of quality strategies following results of in house audit or official audits
  • When required provides training to the HOD's or staff pertaining to LHW, LRA , social media and GG
  • Guide and introduce any new quality program that resorts would consider
  • Performs duty management on a rotational basis
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the hotel management

  • Details and quality oriented
  • Methodical and organised in approach
  • Good in training
  • Able to take initiative and guide the process
  • Poses leadership skills
  • Ability to spread "customer and quality focus" vision

  • Overall quality of service monitored via MM, LQA and LRA
  • Overall frequency /quality of appearance in social media

  • Overall resort score on market Matrix
  • Overall resort score on LQA audit
  • Overall resort score on LRA audit
  • Frequency of social media appearances and Trip Advisor positioning