Manager – Culinary Operations

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Holland America Line
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Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage Manager
Cruise Ships
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Primary Function:       Responsible for the overall culinary and dining service operation onboard the ship. Direct the activities of the Asst. Manager – Culinary Operations, Executive Chef, Provision Master and Maitre' D Hotel.


Major Responsibilities:


1.       Directs, coordinates and supervises the implementation and execution of Marine Hotel policies, standards and procedures within the Culinary and Dining Services Department. Ensures kitchen staff is following all corporate recipes and the 10 Culinary Commandments. Ensures dining room management follows the objectives set forth in Perfect Dining Room, Perfect Lido and Perfect Room Service matrices.


2.       Directs, coordinates and supervises the implementation and execution of job specification and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards within the Culinary and Dining Services Department. Follows all HACCP procedures as set by company.


3.       Directs, coordinates and supervises the activities of subordinates assigned to the function comprising the Culinary and Dining Services Department.


4.       Directs, coordinates and supervises the training of all subordinates in various functions within the department.


5.       Responsible for the ordering, loading, storing and issuing of all Marine Hotel Supplies (excluding beverage and medical supplies).


6.       Responsible for keeping adequate inventory levels and managing inventory targets of all Marine Hotel supplies excluding beverage and medical supplies. Monitors and controls consumption of all supplies used in the Culinary and Dining Services area. Adheres to company par stock levels as set by program.


7.       Responsible for the store room operation including the storage and distribution of all hotel supplies excluding medical.


8.       Responsible for meeting targets and staying within budgets as set forth in the Marine Hotel policies for food and dining service COB ratings, food cost, general supplies cost and wage costs for the Culinary and Dining Services Department.


9.       Within 10 days of a direct report’s boarding of a ship, creates and sets performance objectives for the current contract.


10.     Prepares or causes to be prepared objective performance evaluation reports including progress against the set objectives for officers, petty officers and other employees in this department.


11.     Prepares or causes to be prepared work schedules of all employees in the Culinary and Dining Services Department according to Company's procedures including enforcing work/rest hour procedures and the minimization of overtime.


12.     Schedules periodic meetings with subordinates for review of the entire Culinary and Dining Services Operation with a view towards improvement of the quality of operation, as well as the performance, conduct and grooming of all team members assigned to this department.


13.     Requires subordinate to execute and implement proper maintenance and housekeeping in all areas of their activities in order to ensure good appearance and condition of these areas.


14.     Responsible for creating an atmosphere within the department which will achieve maximum productivity, creativity and responsibility towards a high guest satisfaction with a quality product output.


15.     Works closely with other department heads in guest services and ship maintenance.


16.     Attends all staff meetings with the Hotel Manager and once a week the Captain's staff meeting on sanitation.


17.     Is chairman of the Onboard Sanitation Committee. Committee meets weekly with each department and sub-department represented. He/she shall prepare or cause to be prepared the transcribing, typing and distribution of the minutes to all concerned onboard and Seattle persons.


18.     Is directly responsible for the overall operation of the garbage sanitation area onboard the ship. He/she maintains and supervises sorting and processing procedures, cleaning and equipment maintenance, work schedules of personnel, and coordinates delivery of garbage by all departments and disposal activities.


19.     Practices visible management during all meal hours to ensure an efficient food operation for both guests and crew.


20.     Adhere to all Marine Hotel Directives.


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