Guest Relations Officer

United Arab Emirates (AE)
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United Arab Emirates (AE)
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Front Office, Guest Relations Officer
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Main Duties

  • To ensure that all guest comments both negative and positive are noted in the guest relations logbook including all information which may be important for the hotel. The guest relations logbook should be submitted daily to the public relations manager for review. The log book is then routed to the executive office, sales manager and hospitality manager for information.
  • In case of negative guest comments, the department head concerned should be contacted immediately. The comments should be indicated in the logbook together with any action taken, by whom and when.
  • If a guest cannot be contacted, a note of explanation outlining the action taken should be left in the guest mailbox.
  • If a problem cannot be rectified the guest relations officers should contact the duty manager.
  • In case of theft, accidents, lost and found involving guests, the duty manager should be contacted and notified.
  • The guest relations officer should advise the sales manager or duty manager of any guests they feel should be contacted (e.g. travel agents, journalists or new accounts).
  • The guest relations officer should check the VIP list, arrival list, in-house departures of the day and follow up any special requirements for the arrival of the guest such as airport transfers and ensure that the correct amenities are placed in the room as per our guest amenities program.
  • All VIP rooms are to be checked prior to the arrival of the guests, ensuring that the rooms are in excellent condition and all amenities are in the room according to the guest amenities program.
  • Amenities like flowers and fruits may be sent upon the recommendation of the guest relations officer to appease a guest who has complained. However, a complimentary order should be completed by the guest relations officer for signature by the general manager or his designate.
  • The guest relations officer makes sure that the guest birthday programme is carried out efficiently by making sure that all records are up to date and that birthday cards are sent on time.
  • The guest relations officer should contact a minimum of five (5) in-house guests per day and conduct a guest survey as per the program stipulated in our policy.
  • The guest relations officer should check the daily function list and make sure that the function board in the lobby reads the same.
  • The guest relations officer collects / accumulates all general information such as banking hours, store hours, museum hours etc…, these should be included in a guest relations information directory which should be constantly updated.
  • The guest relations officer shall accompany VIP guests to their suite, upon arrival.
  • When requested by a guest to reconfirm airline tickets, the guest relations officer has to assist and call upon the airline. All other requirements like onward flight bookings should be referred to the travel agency.
  • Press clippings regarding all hotel activities are to be collected and circulated to all concerned.
  • The guest relations officer will attend all guest related functions and assist the public relations manager in organizing long stay guest parties when required.
  • A guest relations officer should be located in the main lobby and is expected to be properly dressed and well groomed at all times.

Other Duties

  • Always acknowledge the presence of both internal and external guests you meet with a friendly smile and nod.
  • Greet all guests appropriately (good morning, good afternoon or good evening) and always be ready to respond to any of the guests’ questions, inquiries and / or requests. Remember to always give your name and offer assistance.
  • Effectively and efficiently respond to guest/s’ needs warmly and with a smile; making sure that these same needs are consistently and constantly satisfied.
  • Regularly attend training sessions / workshops, if and when required.
  • Constantly and consistently observe high standards of Personal Hygiene
  • Know the Fire Safety and Security procedures of your hotel property.
  • Apply all possible ideas to reduce cost. Practice efficient ways of reducing waste and energy saving.
  • When required by the Guest Relations Supervisor / Manager, to respond and undertake willfully any and all other task/s responsibilities directly or indirectly in line with the operational requirements of our Front Office Department from time to time.


Gloria Hotel is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate against or employees because of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, citizenship, disability or otherwise qualified individual and shall not tolerate harassment of any kind or any other factors which cannot lawfully be considered, to the extent specified by applicable local laws.