Ref & A/C Technician

20 Jan 2017
01 Mar 2017
Job Level


The Ref & A/C Technician will be responsible for the service of refrigeration and air-conditioning of hotel premises and outlets, as well as team accommodation.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not limited to the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described.
  • Requisition materials from the stores and ensure the correct usage of the items without wastage or excess to requirement.
  • Ensures the maintenance and efficient operation of the resorts refrigeration equipments by waste water systems by planning and timely execution of preventive maintenance.
  • Monitor the stock level of equipment spares and consumable materials important to the operation of the resort in the stores and advises when to re order.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Chief Engineer.
  • Ensures Occupational Safety & Health Act, local health and safety codes, and company safety and security policy are met by following safe work practices and observe safety rules and precautions.
  • Make sure that all machines and equipment, cold rooms are in working condition.
  • Make sure that the servicing be done as per contracts settled with contractors by:
  • Calling the external technicians if advanced tools are required for repairs.
  • Helping the external technicians if the latter is called and making the follow up on the repairs.
  • Checks temperature of cold room and central A/C by:
  • Looking at the thermometer on the equipment.
  • Checking sensors, replace gas, lubricating the machine if necessary, checking leakages.
  • Making minor repairs if necessary on compressors.
  • Create with the collaboration of the Resident Engineer and coordinator technical files of each equipment.
  • Set up an "Intervention Sheet" for each equipment with the collaboration of the Resident Engineer and the Maintenance Coordinator.
  • Keep a daily record of the water temperature at the entrance and exit of chillers, at fixed schedule, inform the coordinator to register the results on a chart.
  • Check the temperature of temperate rooms daily.
  • Meet the Resident Engineer weekly to discuss the planning and organisation of work
  • Lists the stock of spare parts (Ref & A/C only) by:
  • Making request to the superior whenever requisition is needed from the Purchasing Dept.
  • Keeping own record of the materials, which were ordered and the availability at the store.
  • Consulting with the superior whenever he/she feels that stock should be renewed.
  • Repairs the machines if necessary by:
  • Checking the thermometer, consulting the complaints book and/or clients.
  • Consulting with the superior for any store issues or purchase requisition.
  • Issuing spare parts from the store and makes the repairs (if spare parts are available from the store)
  • Makes the servicing of all Ref & A/C equipment by:
  • Cleaning all the air filters and the grills of the A/C.
  • Checking the smooth running of the equipment.
  • Making any repairs if necessary, or he/she will have to contact the external technicians after consulting the superior.
  • Keeping a record of all the servicing made to the equipment (e.g. in which room, when, which spare parts were replaced, etc.)