Assistant Housekeeping Manager

Ras Al Khaimah
Competitive Salary + Benefits
10 Jan 2017
30 Jan 2017
HMRGK - A - JAN2017
Job Level


1.1.1    Conducts daily briefing for Room Attendants
1.1.2    Conducts daily inspection of employee grooming.
1.1.3    Inspects all guest rooms, corridors and pantries on a daily basis to ensure highest standard of cleanliness.
1.1.4    Conducts on the job training for all Room Attendants. 
1.1.5    Maintains effective employee relations.
1.1.6    Checks and maintains equipment and machines used.
1.1.7    Prepares job orders and co-ordinate with Engineering for follow up.
1.1.8    Ensure special attention given to VIP rooms.
1.1.9    Attends daily briefing with Executive Housekeeper.
1.1.10    Report any sick, irregular guest, and any stranger on guest corridors to the Executive Housekeeper, Security Office immediately.
1.1.11    Proper handover and take over of the incoming and out going shifts to be handled well.
1.1.12    Report all Lost & Found items to Housekeeping.
1.1.13    Prepare discrepancy report for the front office.

1.1.14    Conduct fumigation for the rooms and floors.
1.1.15    Follow up “ Do not Disturb” rooms.
1.1.16    Prepare inventory for room linen.
1.1.17    Notify Housekeeper any damage caused by guest.
1.1.18    Check and follow all maintenance report If the work is incomplete.
1.1.19    Waters and changes all flowers as per schedule requirement.
1.1.20    Ensures that all flower arrangements look pleasant before the delivery to the rooms.
1.1.21    While inspecting guest rooms and other area there should be eye for detail.
1.1.22    Daily physical inspection of occupied, vacant and checkout rooms to be done.
1.1.23    Make sure maid trolleys are parked well in the guest corridors and while cleaning room the trolleys must be parked properly at the guest room entrance.
1.1.24    Be Responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, property and hygiene of guest rooms, corridors and service areas..
1.1.25    Oversee the work of Public Areas & PA attendants
1.1.26    Handle all service matters to guests in the station
1.1.27    Be responsible for supervising the activities of Room attendant.
1.1.28    Check all check-out rooms and guest rooms
1.1.29    Proper grooming at all times
1.1.30    Show fullest cooperation and respect within the team and other departments 
1.1.31    Is aware of the daily activities and has product knowledge of all the hotel facilities