Doha (QA)
09 Jan 2017
06 Feb 2017
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• Rechecks food, beverage, general supplies and operating equipment delivered from the Receiving Section to ensure conformance with quantity and quality specifications.
• Updates stock cards on all items in the storeroom, seeing to it that the prescribed par stock is maintained.
• Maintains an orderly and functional arrangement of all items in the store room.
• Inspects daily all fresh food items stored to determine possibilities of spoilage and segregate those for priority issuance.
• Marks prices on incoming goods according to the prices shown in the receiving report.
• Assists in the preparation of inventory of all items in the storeroom.
• Prepare purchase requests in the right time according to maximum & minimum stock compared to occupancy.
• Receive merchandise from receiving clerk ensuring that they are according to internal invoices and meeting quality standard.
• Prepare purchase follow-up on weekly basis.
• Correction of the number of requested items not issued completely on the department requisition copy and store. Original by department signature on both. 
• Keep keys in a sealed envelope handing them to the Security Department against signature.
• Check the log book for opening the store after operation hours.
• Assure that all requisitions issued had been signed by inventory before issuing. 
• Assure that all requisitions issued had been signed by concerned department after issue.
• Assure that all requisitions issued are signed by the store keeper after delivery.
• Checking the fridge and freeze temperature.
• Clean the stores after issues directly.
• Check with the Chef the slow moving items
• Examining the returned empty bottles.
• Drawing a line on the items requested and not issued on the three copies, to be co- signed by the store keeper and the barman.
• Make sure that merchandises are issued on FIFO basis.
• Make sure that all transfers are signed and closed out by the Chef or authorized person. 
• Assure that there is a list of authorized signatures approved and posted in the F&B stores.