Cost Controller

09 Jan 2017
06 Feb 2017
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  • To keep records and books of all stores transactions.
  • To control physically, the receiving, storeroom and production areas for proper and adequate food and beverage handling and presentation according to what is established by the Food & Beverage Manager and the hotel management.
  • To assist in checking and establishing the purchasing specifications, to spot check quality, price and service of purveyors and market in order to make sure the operation gets the best quality prices from regular and reliable supply sources. He/ she spot checks receiving practices and controls that receiving meets specifications by checking daily food, beverage and supply reports list and registers the purchases in the cost books and perpetual inventory cards.
  • To supervise the receiving, storing and issuing procedures and supervises storeroom and personnel and premises for proper recording, storing, inventory turnover, issuing checks for proper inventory rotation avoiding waste and pilferage. He/ she is responsible for storeroom order and cleanliness.
  • To check for waste, pilferage, proper utilization of food and beverage in production (kitchen) and bars.  To check Cost Controller recipes are followed.  
  • To control portion sizes according to meat cart and standard recipes and checks captain orders for proper credit to the kitchen and the bar, when items issued on a periodic basis and reviews standard recipes.
  • To report total food & beverage cost percentage on daily basis, to make food cost and beverage reports and beverage cost report, to take bar inventory, and controls potentials.
  • To make the cost control report, on monthly basis, including the monthly food cost report, monthly beverage cost report, slow moving items, resume of sold items in the various restaurants, comparative per unit purchasing price of food and beverage items, monthly store room condition, monthly food and beverage re-conciliation.
  • To record, on daily basis, food and beverage movements in costs books, to check for proper requisition and inter kitchen transfers costing and extensions, to control daily officer checks and employees’ staff canteen consumption.
  • To work very closely with other Supervisor or Department Heads related to his/ her job such as Food & Beverage Manager, Executive Chef, and Purchasing Manager.