Fitness Manager

Doha (QA)
08 Jan 2017
05 Feb 2017
Job Level


Planning, organising, co-ordination and supervising the Sport and Leisure activities of the hotel including tennis courts, swimming pool, water sports and fitness centre.


1. Continually evaluates the characteristics, settings and clientele profile of each property to ensure that recreational facilities and activity programs meet the specific needs of hotel to achieve maximum guest satisfaction.

2. Builds efficient teams by coaching and counselling and taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and security, training and career development programmes.

3. Contributes with new, innovative ideas to increase revenue and find alternative up-selling methods.

4. Assists in the preparation of the annual budget and, more specifically, ensures that the recreational budget is prepared on time and strictly monitored and controlled.

5. Ensures that programmes are followed and carried out in accordance with established policy.

6. Ensures that the expenditure for recreation facilities and activities is strictly controlled and that the logging systems are always used and in place.

7. Develops and implements guest questionnaires to establish the level of guest satisfaction and to identify any areas of concern so that improvement measures can be taken in a timely and effective manner.

8. Works with the Sales & Marketing departments to design marketing and advertising material promoting the hotels' recreational products and assists in selling the hotel recreational packages.

9. Ensures that all staff maintain the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and personal presentation at all times.

10. Supervises, controls and co-ordinates the activities of all personnel in the Fitness Centre and other sections under their supervision.

11. Introduces all Sport and Leisure activities and facilities to guests.

12. Ensures staff are appropriately trained in the correct use of all equipment and techniques to be used in class sessions.

14. Gives the guest more than what they expects from the hotel service.

15. Perform all duties willingly and to his/her best capability at all times.