General Cashier

Doha, Qatar
03 Jan 2017
31 Jan 2017
Job Type
Finance, Cashier
Job Level
  • Acts as petty cash disbursing agent.
  • Collets the contents of the drop safe with a witness.
  • Counts & verifies the contents of all cashiers remittance envelops deposited during the previous day or days.
  • Ensures that the amount collected and deposited tally with the books (Reconciliation)
  • Reports all deviations to the Financial Controller as soon as possible.
  • Prepares the daily bank deposit before Lunch time.
  • Prepares the bank balance statement report daily.
  •  Provides Financial Officer with a deposit receipt (General Cashier Report).
  • Ensures that all petty cash disbursement approved by Division Head and Financial controller.
  • Ensures that no cash other than the general cashier’s float be kept in the safe.
  • Ensures that all petty cash disbursements are made as per the document and receiving signature is obtained on all documents, ensures that there is no dispute in counting & receiving before the person leaves the counter.
  • The General Cashier will be liable for all shortages in his fund arising from the handling of transactions,Any overage or shortage to be reported to the Financial Controller immediately.
  • Petty cash disbursements to be reimbursed on weekly basis.
  • Provides all cashiers the required change: including extra floats for weekends or special occasions.
  • Exchange large bills for small bills and coins with bank as required.
  •  Provides all outlets with their due back, if applicable (i.e., if foreign currency deposited exceeds amount to be remitted.)
  • Prepares and provides the foreign exchange list, on weekly basis, as per the hotel’s policy to exchange foreign currency in the Front office, after getting approval from the Financial Controller.
  • Ensures that all foreign currency receipt and void’s are signed by the guest with a proper explanation of the cashier.
  • All cheques received to be examined for restrictive endorsement: and if missing it is to be endorsed and stamp bank account no on the back of each cheques.
  • Ensure Safe Keys are returned to Financial Controller before leaving the office
  • Follows all applicable laws relating to general accounting practices and tax regulations.
  • Prepares the Pay roll in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ensures that the payroll deductions ( Salary Advance, City ledger, etc ) to be deducted  from the designated employees every month
  • Ensures that all requested salary transfers are made directly to the employee’s individual bank account or by Cash in Closed envelop at the end of every month.
  • Maintain file for payroll for each month with all necessary back up.
  • Complies fully with the set financial reporting deadlines and guidelines as set by the financial Controller
  • Maintains high confidentiality in regards to confidentiality