International Hotel Est
Bahrain (BH)
01 Jan 2017
29 Jan 2017
Job Level

International Hotel Establishment is the owner of Bushido , Trader Vic's Bahrain, Haute cupcakes & Asia de Cuba Bahrain 

Company Objective: To establish a leading position within the food and beverage industry.

Company Vision: To be an internationally recognized brand that offers everyone a unique experience.

Our core values: Passion , Ownership, Openness, Diversity, Trend Setter

General Description:
The Waiters prepare, set and serve tables as directed by the Captain. They clean and put away all items needed during service. The Waiters are responsible for carrying food & beverages to the customers, and removing them from the table as required. Depending on the assignment of tasks waiters may also be asked to present menus, take orders, present bills and take payments. The Waiters are required to create good rapport with the customer by being pleasant and attentive to their requests.

Job Description: 

1. Ensure dishes are correctly brought to the guest in a timely manner.
2. Assist with the daily table-setting and Mise en Place.
3. Responsible for the cleanliness and presentation of each assigned table.
4. Responsible for checking the food served (ie. portion size, presentation & correct order).
5. Responsible for serving dishes before and clearing dishes after each course.
6. Responsible for the satisfaction of all guests assigned to you for the duration of their stay in the restaurant.
7. Report all issues and complaints to the Captain Waiter.
8. Obey to hygiene, food safety and cleanliness regulation in accordance with SOP.
9. Assist the Captain Waiter as required.
10. Follow all instructions as directed by management.
11. Maintain a clean and hygienic work area at all times.
12. Operate in accordance with SOP at all times.
13. Attend scheduled training sessions and team meetings as requested by management.
14. Be fully aware of the licensing regulations and abide by these rules.
15. Be fully aware of fire and safety regulations.
16. Always take initiative to help others.
17. Always be present on your assigned section within the restaurant floor.


1. Full resume & photograph

2. Full body picture