Pastry Demi Chef de Partie

Seychelles (SC)
26 Dec 2016
23 Jan 2017
Job Level


The Chef de Partie assists the Sous Chef to lead, manage and organize all requirements for his respective Kitchen to the highest standards and in accordance to the standard operating procedures as emanated by the Executive Chef. Ensures proper sanitation in the outlet kitchen under his jurisdiction, adequate stocks of food & beverage, inter – department coordination and training. Carries full responsibility of the operating equipment including its inventory levels.


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks out side the scope of work described.

  • Help with the breakfast Mise En Place.
  • Check the clearing of Mise En Place and store all left over in the refrigerator.
  • Responsible for Keeping your working station, clean and sanities in accordance with ISO 22000 standard.
  • Responsible for the correct storage and labelling of all dishes in the cold room in accordance with ISO 22000.
  • Prepare food as per order given by Executive Chef/Sous Chef/ chef de cuisine/ sous chef.
  • Supervise and train all kitchen outlet staff in their daily duties.
  • Ensure the kitchen is generally clean and tidy before closing the shift.
  • At the end of shift ensure the equipment used is cleaned and in good working condition and reports any malfunction to the Chef’s office.
  • Assist other cooks in any department when asked to do so.
  • Clear all unused mise en place in a clean container, cover it with foil or film paper and store in its specific place.
  • Ensure completion of mise en place before service.
  • Assists in the preparation and/or prepare food items as per order given by Executive Chef, chef de cuisine Sous Chef, Chef de Partie to fulfill guest request.
  • Produce dishes as per recipes, photos and set standards.
  • Maintain a safe work environment. Report and/or rectify safety hazards.
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Management