Assistant Director of Sales - Based in Dubai


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InterContinental Hotels & Resorts - Middle East & Africa
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Sales & Marketing
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At InterContinental
Hotels Group, we own, operate and franchise more than 5000 hotels, offering more than half a million guest rooms in nearly 100 countries.  By bringing
your expertise and passion to any one of our brands, you will help us achieve our
vision : to be the most preferred, admired and successful hotel company the
world over.

At InterContinental Hotels & Resorts®      we want our guests to feel
special, cosmopolitan and In the Know which means we need you to:

  • Be charming by being
    approachable, having confidence and showing respect.
  • Stay in the moment by
    understanding and anticipating guests’ needs, being attentive and taking
    ownership of getting things done.
  • Make it memorable by being
    knowledgeable, sharing stories and showing your style to create moments that
    make people feel special.


Under the general guidance and supervision of the
(DOSM), and within the limits of established Corporate/Sales policies and
procedures, To lead and manage IC Fujairah sales force, develop market
strategies in collaboration with DOSM, Revenue department and Hotel Managers in
order to achieve budgeted revenue targets and marketing objectives. Promotes
the desired work culture around the five winning ways Aim higher, Work better
together, Celebrate the difference, Do the right thing & Show we care.                 

Interacts with
individuals outside the hotel, including, Corporate clients, local Hotel

Government Tourist
offices, Airlines, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, competitors and other

of the local community.

Maintain good communication with Regional
Sales and Marketing personnel and implement

corporate initiatives

Key Activities:

- Drive Total Revenue (Room, C&E, F&B, SPA) and
sell to new, existing and prospective customers considering goals set forth in
the sales strategy, negotiating optimum rate for the benefit of the business (30%)

- Establish and implement hotels short, mid and long
term strategy in conjunction with DOSM, Revenue team, Hotel Managers and other
stakeholders involved (15%) 

- Inspire, lead and manage sales team by establishing a
strong „Drive for Results‟ culture, communicating a set of goals and targets
and providing frequent feedback where necessary to manage performance to its
optimum. (15%) 

- Interact with clients through organized meetings,
entertainments, fam trips, site inspections, trade shows, sales trip visits and
through any other form to grow the hotel’s business (30%) 

- Establish
and lead the IHG ways of Sales within the department and ensure Sales standards
are in


  • Produce Action Plan
    related to the Revenue Plan to ensure Revenue Plan objectives are achieved with
  • Provides a
    professional, advisory support service to the DOSM
  • Coordinate all
    methods of maintaining and increasing business volume. This includes
    advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, publicity, community relations,
    special sales projects, etc.
  • Create and implement
    special programs to achieve greater profitability through:
    • Increasing average
    • Increasing overall
    • Increasing business
      volume during off-peak periods
    • Increasing local Food
      & Beverage and Banquet Sales
  • Enhance the image of
    the hotel in the local community
  • Participate as an
    active member of the community through associations, memberships and other
    trade organizations
  • Review regularly
    activity reports of Sales personnel to ensure targets and Sales objectives are
    being met
  • Review regularly
    internal promotion pieces for visual effect and ensure they conform with brand
  • Organize and promote,
    in cooperation with the Food & Beverage Department special projects to
    stimulate Food & beverage sales within the community, including, but
    limited to, tournaments, balls, parties, gastronomic festivities, etc.
  • Investigate potential
    markets by:
    • Reviewing Sales
      Department and Front Office correspondence files
    • Analyzing guest
      history and registration card files
    • Studying guest
    • Reviewing government
      statistics on visitors to the city
    • Analyzing
      competition's sales/promotion efforts
    • Studying various
      reference and industry publications for sales leads 
  • Recommend to
    DOSM  the kind of advertising which will
    be most productive for the hotel by analyzing the market effectiveness of past
    advertising campaigns and consulting with other Department Heads and the
    Advertising Agency
  • Procure new and
    repeat business for the hotel by maintaining contact with Airlines, Travel
    Agencies, Commercial Houses, Private Clubs and Professional Associations within
    the community and neighboring markets
  • Review regularly the
    Public Relations activities to ensure high awareness of the hotel in the local
    and national media with the DOSM
  • Manage the
    development of new products and services 
  • Conduct market
    research as directed by the DOSM
  • Prepare, manage and achieve
    the department’s budget with DOSM. Duties include:
  • Prepare and manage a cost
    effective budget with measurable targets for department within the financial
    parameters set down by the hotel budget
  • Effectively monitor and
    analyse variations from the budget
  • Develop systems that
    measure the cost effectiveness of the department
  • Develop procedures that
    track, report on, and control the running costs of the department
  • Contribute to the overall
    strategic plan of the business and help compile the annual hotel business plan
  • Keep abreast of trends in your
    area and implement best practice initiatives
  • Develop a competitive
    business plan with DOSM for your operational area and communicate this to your
    operational colleagues and staff
  • Work within the company’s
    Human Resource Management System to ensure the departmental performance of
    staff is productive with DOSM. Duties include:
  • Plan for future staffing
  • Recruit in line with
    company guidelines
  • Prepare detailed
    orientation programmes for new staff
  • Maintain a comprehensive,
    current and guest focused set of departmental standards and procedures and
    oversee their implementation
  • Ensure training needs
    analysis of your departmental staff is carried out and training programmes are
    designed and implemented to meet needs
  • Deliver training
  • Actively work at developing
    your direct reports and identify high potentials 
  • Maintain training records
    for all direct reports and ensure they do the same for their staff
  • Conduct probation and
    formal performance appraisal in line with company guidelines
  • Coach, counsel and
    discipline staff, providing constructive feedback to enhance performance
  • Regularly communicate with
    colleagues to maintain positive relationships 


  • Demonstrate service attributes in accordance with industry expectations and company standards including:

    • Being attentive to Guests
    • Accurately and promptly fulfilling Guests requests
    • Anticipate Guests needs
    • Maintain a high level of knowledge which affects the Guest experience
    • Demonstrating a ‘service’ attitude
    • Taking appropriate action to resolve guest complaints

  • Appreciate the dynamic nature of the Hotel industry and extend these service attributes to all internal customers
  • Review and update existing standards to ensure competitiveness
  • Taking appropriate action to resolve guest complaints.
  • To host fam trips and provide the necessary support.
  • Interacts with individuals outside the hotel, including, Corporate clients, local Hotel Associations, Government Tourist offices, Airlines, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, competitors and other members of the local community
  • Maintain good communication with Regional Sales and Marketing personnel and implement corporate initiatives


  • Familiarize yourself with Company Health and Safety Policies and ensure your areas promote and comply with them
  • Take responsibility to rectify hazardous situations, reporting major areas of concern to your designate
  • Familiarize yourself with property safety, first aid and fire and emergency procedures and actively enforce these in your area of responsibility
  • Ensure security incidents in your operational area are reviewed and corrective measures implemented to prevent recurring incidents 
  • Responsible in developing revenue opportunities.
  • To lead & develop colleagues.
  • Interacts with individuals outside the hotel, including, Convention
    Bureaus, Local Hotel Associations, Government Tourist offices, Airlines, Travel
    Agents, Tour Operators, Competitors and other members of the local community.
  • Maintain good communication with Regional Sales and Marketing
    personnel and implement corporate initiatives.
  • Comply with the Company’s Corporate Code of

  • Bachelor’s
    degree / higher education qualification.
  • 2-3 years
    of prior experience in Sales & Marketing in a five star environment in the
    same role.
  • Strong
    knowledge of local businesses and business trends required. Must speak English.
    Other languages preferred.

 This job requires ability to perform the following:

  • Excellent
    organizational & administrative skills
  • Established
    local network and high ability to build/maintain client relationship
  • Ability
    to be self motivated and demonstrate good team work
  • Budget
    preparation and analysis
  • Microsoft
  • Strong
    leadership skills with high ability to influence, attract, retain and develop

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