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Greeter - Dai Pai Dong

United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

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Rosewood Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
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Front Office, Front Office Agent
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Courteously greet and escort guests to tables and assist in seating, ensuring hotel's standards of service.  Assist in preparing the restaurant for service and maintaining the cleanliness of the room at all times.  Take reservations and maintain reservation book.  Assist in monitoring the guests' needs and all phases of the operation.  Assume total responsibility when Manager is not present.




  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, service procedures and standards.


  • Ensure that standards are maintained at a superior level on a daily basis.


  • Maintain complete knowledge of:
  • Scheduled daily activities and in-house groups.
  • Daily house count.
  • Hotel extension numbers.
  • Beeper number/radios carried by hotel personnel.
  • Hours of operation of each outlet, ambiance, menu selections and price range.
  • Features and services provided by the hotel.

    • Maintain complete knowledge of all menu items, specials, 86'd items, liquor brands, beers and non-alcoholic selections available in the restaurant.


    • Maintain complete knowledge of and strictly abide by state liquor regulations, particularly those prohibiting service to minors, intoxicated persons and drunk driving.


    • Maintain complete knowledge of table/seat/station numbers, proper table set-ups, room capacity, hours of operation, price range and dress code of the restaurant.


    • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment; use equipment only as intended.


    • Maintain complete knowledge and comply with all departmental policies and service procedures.


    • Prepare station chart and assign stations to staff following departmental procedures.


    • Set up Greeter station with necessary supplies; maintain cleanliness at all times.  Report shortages to Supervisor.


    • Inspect condition and cleanliness of menus and wine lists; ensure designated amounts are available.  Update menus and wine lists as changes occur.


    • Inspect the restaurant environment and entrance area, ensuring that all standards are met; rectify any deficiencies; maintain cleanliness at all times.


    • Place newspapers in designated areas for breakfast as specified in departmental procedures.


    • Inspect tables and stations, ensuring that all set-ups meet the department standards. Check throughout meal period.  Relay deficiencies to respective personnel and follow up on corrections.


    • Guide the Servers and Bus persons in table set-up needs to ensure optimum service to guests.


    • Answer restaurant telephone courteously and efficiently as specified in departmental standards.


    • Take, record and confirm restaurant reservations/cancellations as specified in departmental standards.


    • Maintain positive guest relations at all times.


    • Greet and acknowledge all arriving guests, however busy and whatever time of day.


    • Escort guests to tables and assist in seating at tables; present menus and extend congenialities in accordance to department guidelines.


    • Anticipate guest needs and respond promptly.


    • Accommodate all requests for information courteously.


    • Communicate V.I.P. arrivals and special requests to designated personnel for follow up.


    • Handle guest complaints by following the six step procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction.


    • Monitor and ensure that all aspects of service conform to departmental standards.  Notify respective personnel for problems to be corrected.


    • Extend courteous departures as guests leave the restaurant.


    • Ensure tables are cleaned and reset according to standards.


    • Complete closing duties as assigned.


    • Oversee all aspects of restaurant during absence of Manager and/or Supervisor.


    • Legibly document pertinent information in restaurant logbook.


    • Be familiar with operation of P.O.S. system and manual system procedures.


    • Exhibit a friendly, helpful and courteous manner when dealing with guests and fellow employees.


    • All other duties as required.





    • Experience:                         Minimum six months’ experience in a similar position, preferably with a luxury or

    ultra-luxury restaurant.


    • Education:                          High school diploma.


    • General Skills:                      Must be able to perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy;

    prioritize, organize and follow-up; be a clear thinker, remaining calm and resolving problems using good judgment; follow directions thoroughly; understand a guest’s service needs; work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team; work with minimal supervision; maintain confidentiality of guest information and pertinent hotel data.


    • Technical Skills:                   Certification of previous training in liquor, wine and food service; any previous

    culinary training; certification in alcoholic awareness program; certification in C.P.R.; computer training; knowledge of local activities and attractions appropriate for restaurant clientele.


    • Language:                           Required to speak, read and write English, with fluency in other languages preferred.


    • Physical Requirements:         Must be able to exert physical effort in transporting 20 pounds, endure various

    physical movements throughout the work areas, reach up and down, remain stationary at times throughout work periods, and satisfactorily communicate with guests and co-workers to their understanding.


    • Licenses & Certifications:     None required.