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Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts - Middle East & Africa
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Is responsible for the timely procurement of
printing, cleaning and office supplies and other related items. Ensures that
items conform to the required standards of quality and quantity at the lowest
possible cost.  Maintains good business
relationships with bonafide suppliers.


At Crowne
®, we want our guests to
feel able to do their best, achieve their goals and be recognized for their
success.  To help them, we need you to
stay One Step Ahead and:

  • Create Confidence – by being an
    expert at what you do; by acting and looking the part and adapting your
    style to match your guests’ pace in all you do.
  • Encourages Success – by supporting and
    respecting your guests and their goals; by recognizing them and making
    them feel valued and important and offering thoughtful choices to help
    them feel restored and balanced.
  • Make It Happen
    by being perceptive to your guests’ needs; by taking ownership for getting
    things done and working seamlessly with others to help guests be successful.
  • Duties and Responsibilities

    1.     Handling of Purchase Orders to ensure that copies of all approved and
    currently valid Purchase Orders i.e. Purchase Requests, Market List, standard
    supply contracts are at hand, and files are maintained for this.

    2.     Ensures that all items are physically received, inspected and weighed as
    necessary. In case of technical items, equipment, furniture, and certain food
    items, the concerned department is consulted to confirm the quality and
    specifications. Materials are inspected, and measurements are to be made
    thoroughly. A visual inspection is not enough.

    3.     After inspection, the items are transferred to the department concerned
    either through the help of the supplier or concerned department collecting from
    the receiving bay.

    4.     The supplier’s invoice is acknowledged by putting the receiving stamp on
    the original and the supplier’s copy of the invoice, after the checking is

    5.     Ensures that the invoice is dated and reference number of the
    authorization is quoted. Outdated invoices are not accepted, as this may result
    in problems regarding settlement. If the invoice is outdated, the vendor or his
    representative is requested to correct it and initial for the correction.

    6.     Ensures that items arriving without authorization are not received, but
    referred to the Materials department. Such items should not be kept in the
    hotel nor the invoice to be acknowledged.

    7.     Some items (e.g. milk, bread, etc.) are received during non-working
    hours. Apart from such items (list to be prepared and approved by management),
    no other invoices are to be passed for payment without physically receiving the

    8.     Ensures that invoices for services, such as clearing charges, insurance
    charges, service contracts for maintenance etc. are acceptable to be included
    in the receiving report, provided that they are part of the Purchase Order
    (insurance and clearing charges for importation) or contract is available. Even
    in this case, the department head concerned has to initial these invoices to
    acknowledge the receipt of the service.

    9.     After the items are received, a receiving report and summary is
    prepared. The copy of this report is given to the F&B Cost Control, with
    original invoices; with adding machine totals are passed to Accounts Payable
    for further processing.

    10.  Deliveries with disputes
    are brought up with Materials Department to sort out with the vendor, and the
    department concerned. In case the delivery is accepted only partially, this has
    to be reflected in writing by the Department Head concerned, showing the reason
    with concurrence of Materials Department. In such cases, a credit note is to be
    obtained from the supplier. Matters not resolved are to be brought to the
    attention of the Director of Finance & Business Support.

    11.  Responsible for ensuring
    all items being sent out of the hotel as per the outgoing record policy.  Receiving Clerk checks that it is properly
    authorized, and ensures that all vouchers are accounted for. Where necessary,
    the credit note is to be passed to the Accounts for those items, which are invoiced
    to the hotel, but being returned back.


    1.     Comply with Hotel Rules and Regulations and
    provisions contained in the Employment Handbook 

    2.     Comply with Company Grooming Standards at all
    times to portray a professional image of self and the hotel.

    3.     Comply with Time and Attendance Policies set
    by the hotel.

    4.     Actively participate in training and
    development programs and maximize opportunities for self-development

    5.     Demonstrate understanding and awareness of
    all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Life Safety

    6.     Familiarize yourself with emergency and
    evacuation procedures

    7.     Ensure all security incidents, accidents and
    near misses are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention
    of the Line Manager

    8.     Comply with the Company’s Corporate Code of

    9.     Familiarize self with the company values
    (Great Hotels Guests Love) and model desired behaviors (Winning Ways, Room to
    be Yourself) and ways of working (IHG Wheel).

    10.  Perform all tasks as directed by the Manager
    in pursuit of the achievement of business goals


    The above is designed to help you in the understanding
    of the role and is not intended to be a definite list of your duties, as
    flexibility in meeting company and guest needs is required by all employees

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