Dubai (Emirate) (AE)
29 Nov 2016
08 Dec 2016
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To create and maintain an effective Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System for the Company including Policy, Procedures and Plans. In addition, advise management of the moral, legal and economic responsibilities and liabilities of ACC.



1.      Know  the  requirements  of  the  UAE  Law  and  Regulations,  Codes  of  Practice and other appropriate legislation to ensure that they are informed to management and complied with.




2.      Ensure all project specific and subcontractor HSE Plans are reviewed to ensure they comply with Company guidelines and legal requirements.




3.      Control the HSE internal audit system to monitor implementation of HSE Management System and identify corrective and preventative actions.




4.      Complete and maintain the HSE training needs analysis for all levels of staff and control the investment related to that training.




5.      Control the risk management programme, inclusive of document library, so that it is effective and sufficient to provide continual improvement.




6.      Recruit personnel, as required, to carry out monitoring and surveillance as well as offering advice on HSE and related matters. This includes control of the personnel and administering disciplinary action if so required.




7.      Liaise  with  clients,  consultants  and  other  contractors  so  that  effective coordination and communication on HSE related matters can be carried out.




8.      Institute correct reporting, investigation and costing of loss created by injury, ill health, damage and items having an impact on the environment. Promote action to preclude recurrence and initiate analysis to discuss incident trends.








1.      To create and maintain a combined Health, Safety and Environmental Management System that conforms to current OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 requirements for certification by a third party.




2.      Foster within the company an understanding that injury and damage prevention, occupational hygiene and environmental protection are integral parts of business.




3.      Institute means to motivate employees and promote increased safety awareness. This includes running the incentive schemes and creating an informational newsletter to publicise the achievements.






1.      Assist in trials, advice and selection of PPE and other safety related items prior to procurement.






1.      Oversee the Engineering Department’s staff in their roles and responsibilities towards the HSE Policy, Procedures and Plans.




2.      Advise and report on achievable objectives and targets on which to base surveillance of HSE performance for all Company interests.




3.      Perform all activities in compliance with the Company Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HSEMS) and the assigned specific responsibilities.




4.      Comply with and implement the local laws and Client requirements related to Health, Safety and Environmental aspects at workplace as per the bestowed authority and responsibility.




5.  Be responsible for own and subordinates’ wellbeing and the wellbeing of the environment.