sous chef -Asian specialist

28 Nov 2016
05 Dec 2016
Job Type
Chefs, Sous Chef
Job Level
sous chef -Asian specialist Department: Kitchen Property: Constance Moofushi Region: Maldives Employment Type: Fixed Term Contract Description


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks out side the scope of work described.



  • Understands fully the concepts of “autonomy versus independence” and aims at managing the outlet as if it was a personal business.

  • Proposes menus and ideas of dishes for the outlet to the Executive Chef, in accordance with the principles of the Culinary Spirit of Constance Hotels Experience, the concepts of the restaurants and the yearly action plan.

  • Ensures that all food served in the outlet respects hotel standards, in terms of quality, taste, portioning, presentation and variety.

  • Interacts with outlet manager and other kitchen chefs in a constructive and proactive manner in order to promote team spirit and the interest of the company at all time.

  • Proposes initiatives to the Executive Chef, and creative actions to develop the dynamism of the culinary in the resort.

  • Ensures that all food served in the outlet respects at all times the hygiene standards in force in the resort. Inspects areas daily and ensures that standards of cleanliness and order of areas are respected

  • Interacts daily and directly with guests. Personally enquires satisfaction of the guests

  • Represent the company in promotional events, including TV shows, pictures and recipes for the press, etc… whenever necessary.





  • Ensures optimization of products and preparations produced in the outlet.

  • Suggests selection of adapted fresh products to the Executive Chef, balancing quality, price, and service.

  • Supervises the production of recipes and costing for all dishes and preparations served in the outlet, and ensure that they are accurate and updated.

  • Ensures that cost of operating supplies is controlled and within budget.

  • Ensures that wastage and spoilage is controlled in the outlet kitchen.

  • Ensures that inventory of outlet SOE is complete. Follows procedure related to control of inventory and return of SOE to other outlets/sections.




  • Personally control staff rosters, attendances, and all staff related issues in the outlet. Must inform the Executive Sous Chef of any serious HR issue in the outlet and work in close relation with him to coordinate all staff related issues.

  • Ensures that outlet is covered with sufficient staffing at all necessary time.

  • Monitor closely the motivation and productivity of the outlet kitchen team members. Suggest initiatives to improve stability and motivation of the team.

  • Ensures team members in the outlet respect the roster and the shifts, and ensures that control of presence is done accurately.

  • Supervises all the technical training related to the outlet, including use of equipment. Produces all relevant documents related to training matters.

  • Manages the Local Leave plan for all employees of the outlet, in close collaboration with the Executive Sous-chef

  • Ensures that all outlet team members follow kitchen P&Ps and SOPs and respect hotel procedures.

  • Assist Executive Chef in ensuring that the core values of Constance Hotels Experience and hotel are communicated and understood by all.

  • Ensures that team members behave as per the principle our core values.

  • Conducts one to one meetings with all outlet team members, at least three times a year. Reports to Executive Sous-Chef and suggests career opportunities, transfers or any other career-related matter.

  • Ensures that hotel discipline standards are adhered to at all time by outlet kitchen team members.

  • Supervises stewards working in the outlet, in collaboration with Chief Steward and his assistants.





  • Ensures that the outlet kitchen is complying with the safety and security rules of the resort and the country. Ensures that all outlet kitchen team members are fully aware of fire safety procedures and evacuation routes.
  • Ensures that objectives are met in terms of score at hygiene inspections for the outlet, and that HACCP standards are followed with consistency.
  • Assists the Executive Chef in ensuring that all dishes and menus in the outlet are supported by hotel standard “technical data sheet”, with picture, and that information is easily available in the relevant outlets.
  • Follow-up maintenance issues with the Back Of The House manager and ensures that the investment is preserved at all time.