Bell Captain

Al Saada street
28 Nov 2016
26 Dec 2016
Job Level

<ul> <li>Welcome the guests whether on the phone or in the hotel and assist with baggage, packages, briefcases etc.</li> <li>• Anticipates guests' needs and takes them into consideration,&nbsp;</li> <li>• Has an impeccable attitude which conveys the image of the brand and hotel.</li> <li>• Keep eyes open to give service promptly and efficiently with a friendly smile.</li> <li>• Establish a good rapport with the guests.</li> <li>• Have knowledge of all hotel services and inform the guests, whilst encouraging them to use them during their stay.</li> <li>• Show the guest around the bedroom, explaining the operation of any equipment.&nbsp;</li> <li>• Be aware of the location of the hotel and its environment and be able to direct the guest to and from the hotel.</li> <li>• Listen to the guests at all times, strive to respond as quickly as possible to all requests made by guests.</li> <li>• Assist guests with transportation requests &amp; taxis.</li> </ul>