Dubai (Emirate) (AE)
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SOMEWHERE Hospitality Group
Dubai (Emirate) (AE)
Job Type
Food & Beverage
Job Level
  1. Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, service procedures and standards.
  2. Ensure that standards are maintained at a superior level on a daily basis.
  3. Maintain complete knowledge of service requirements for assigned function:
  • Liquor brands, beers and non-alcoholic beverages ordered
  • Particular characteristics/description of wines/champagnes ordered
  • Prices for specified bar selections
  • Designated glassware, ingredients, preparation method and garnishes required
  • Group name, type of function and expected attendance
  • Scheduled hours of service
  • Special requests/arrangements
  • Location of bar in function room
  • Order of service
  • V.I.P.'s
  1. Maintain complete knowledge of and strictly abide by state liquor regulations, particularly those prohibiting service to minors, intoxicated persons and drunk driving.
  2. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment; use equipment only as intended.
  3. Maintain complete knowledge and comply with all departmental policies and service procedures.
  4. Complete opening side duties:
  • Check quality and set up designated bar stock and supplies by using checklist
  • Requisition all necessary supplies
  • Transport supplies from storeroom to bar set-up area
  • Stock ice
  • Prepare garnishes.
  • Stock glassware and paper supplies.
  • Prepare mixes.
  • Check cleanliness and condition of bar unit (C02 lines, soda tanks, soda guns, drain, etc.).
  • Check condition and cleanliness of blender, shaker and other tools.
  • Check temperature of refrigeration units.
  1. Transport bar unit with all supplies and equipment to assigned function area and set up in specified location in accordance with departmental standards.  
  2. Ensure security of all bar supplies in function area.
  3. Greet guests and take their orders, utilizing suggestive/upselling techniques.
  4. Prepare all drink orders for guests according to specified recipes.
  5. Provide club service for designated beverages.
  6. Serve drinks to guests in accordance with departmental standards.
  7. Collect drink tickets where specified.
  8. Issue, open and serve wine/champagne bottles; collect payment/tickets where specified.
  9. Anticipate guests' needs, respond promptly and acknowledge guests even when busy.
  10. Maintain positive guest relations.
  11. Be familiar with all hotel services/features and local attractions/activities to respond accurately to any guest inquiry.
  12. Handle guest complaints following the six step procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction.
  13.  Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of bartop, tables and service areas.
  14.  Replace ashtrays with 2 butts with clean ashtray by using capping method.
  15.  Remove soiled wares from bartop and tables and place in designated area.
  16. Anticipate and communicate replenishment needs promptly, ensuring no shortages throughout scheduled function time.  
  17. Ensure proper authorization for additional payments as required prior to replenishing.
  18. Clearly communicate last call at designated closing time to guests, Captain and Waiters.
  19. Transport bar unit with all supplies and equipment from function area to designated area and breakdown the bar in accordance with departmental procedures.
  20. Prepare consumption report promptly according to specified procedures.
  21. Present guest check and process payment.   Adhere to all cash handling and credit policies/procedures.
  22. Legibly document designated items on the spill sheet.
  23. Ensure maximum usage of all supplies to attain budgeted beverage cost and to prevent waste.
  24. Use all chemicals in accordance with OSHA regulations and hotel requirements.
  25. Complete closing side duties:
  • Properly store all reusable goods in designated areas.
  • Empty and drain ice bin; clean sink.
  • Wipe clean all surfaces of bar; clean all bar equipment and tools.
  • Wipe down all bottles and surfaces.
  • Secure all liquors, beers, wines, coolers, cabinets and storage areas.
  • Remove trash.
  • Complete all closing reports in the P.O.S. system.
  1. Count bank at end of shift; complete designated cashier reports and drop receipts; secure bank.
  2. All other duties as required.
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