Restaurant Manager (Female)

Dubai (Emirate) (AE),

Full job details

Manzil Downtown Dubai
Dubai (Emirate) (AE),
Job Type
Food & Beverage, Food & Beverage Manager
Job Level

Oversees and directs all aspects of the outlet’s operation, under the guidance and supervision of the Food and Beverage Manager, and within the limits of established policies.

Responsibilities and Authority
•We expect that every guest in the restaurant is being granted full attention, reception and best possible care.
•That, with his/her friendly and courteous attitude, he/she supports and maintains the good reputation of the Hotel
•To be thoroughly familiar with the sales-program and constantly informed on all promotions, novelties and changes in the sales-program.
•To continuously train subordinates and develop new training programs and training methods and make sure that employees are trained and follow the Emaar guidelines.
•To maintain a good communication between restaurant and kitchen
•To build a disciplined, well harmonizing team, especially in view of:
•Careful introduction of new employees.
•Strict following of service standards, closing and opening check lists, cashiering and billing procedures and cleaning schedules.
•Daily briefings of the shifts (early stage: pre and post briefings)
•Efficient scheduling of all employees.
•Station schedule daily.
•Human and professional development
•To organize the department in such a way that the department functions well, also during his absence.
•That with ideas and suggestions he/she contributes to a continuous improvement of the entire operation.
•Performs special duties and projects as assigned by F&B manager and assistants.
•To be familiar with local food hygiene and HACCP guidelines as per Dubai Municipality
•That the service staff permanently has a clean appearance (including complete uniform, tag, polished shoes, perfect grooming, decent make up for waitress, dressed hair etc..), and gives the impression of a well-trained organized and disciplined team.
•To train and support employees with the help of the training manager in active and efficient recommending and selling.
•Participates in decoration and preparing the restaurant for promotions and special events.
•To inform employees continuously on all promotions, specialties and other sales activities.
•Ensure a proper, correct order taking to speed-up service and that are guests getting the correct order.
•Actively participate in order taking, sales efforts, service and guest relations.
•Handle all complaints generously, efficiently and according to the Emaar guidelines.
•That the working and station schedules are done on time.
•Is fully in charge for the daily and weekly service classes.
•Is aware of the menu, beverage list, and other promotions in order to train his/her staff on the job and in classes.
•Solves daily operation problems with the daily training on the job.
•Make out and sign the daily material orders.
•To ensures careful handling of all restaurant material .
•To control all restaurant material and eliminates chipped, broken or cracked dishes.
•Help with the end-of-month or end-of-year inventory in his area of responsibility.
•Gives everything within his/her capacity to achieve the yearly budgets and goals set by the management.
•For control purposes he continuously compares budgeted sales figures with actual figures and discusses the results with his assistants and if necessary with his entire team.
•Coordinates group movements, handling of vouchers and proper settlement of checks between cashier and restaurant.
•Control and countersign all mistakes occurring within the ordering-system.
•Keep all restaurant furniture clean and polished in accordance with the cleaning schedule.
•All damaged furniture and machines are repaired with a maintenance request.
•Controls and reports all defective lighting, fixtures and other electrical matters.
•Control and ensures cleanliness of the guest restroom facilities at least twice a day.
•Ensures all staff are thoroughly familiar with the Hotel’s emergency procedures and is in a state of preparedness for any emergency which may occur.
•Review reservation books daily.
•He/she is familiar with all related company documentation and especially with the relevant SOP’s for his/her field of responsibility.
•Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications & Experience (Competencies Required)
•An F&B specialist with a proven track record in Food and Beverage within their respected industry.
•At least 5 years’ experience working in F&B including management level experience
•Degree or Diploma in Catering or Hotel and Tourism Management
•Fluent in English and Arabic is a must