Executive Housekeeper

Bahrain (BH)
22 Nov 2016
20 Dec 2016
Job Level

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and oversee all functions of the Housekeeping Departments.
  • Ensure all compliance issues are adhered to with regard to health and safety.
  • Assist with the development of annual budgets and targets for areas under your supervision.
  • Prepare and produce detailed financial reports as required in a timely fashion.
  • Use various financial management skills to analyse performance results to identify profitability shortfalls or opportunities to reduce costs, improve overall profitability and meet budget goals.
  • Ensure departments under your supervision are managed to control costs and meet budget goals.
  • Provide ongoing communication to all areas under your supervision regarding policies, programmes and procedures.
  • Ensure all operating procedures are adhered to for areas under your supervision.
  • Review and modify operating manuals for areas under your supervision as required.
  • Conduct regular walkthroughs of public areas, back-of-house areas and guestrooms to ensure established Housekeeping standards are adhered to.
  • Oversee the routine cleaning and preventive maintenance of all Hotel front and back of house areas.
  • Prioritise, troubleshoot or schedule work as appropriate to meet business needs for ad hoc cleaning projects.
  • Work with Engineering to develop and maintain a preventive maintenance programme for all equipment installations, building ground, furniture and fixtures to ensure maximum utilisation, minimum breakdown and high standards of quality.
  • Review hotel arrivals, departures and in-house reports to ensure all special Housekeeping arrangements are properly carried out.
  • Ensure guestroom and master keys are properly managed at all levels.
  • Ensure all guestrooms are serviced following established standards and procedures.
  • Ensure guest valet is properly charged according to established standards and procedures.
  • Oversee the regular service and maintenance of Housekeeping equipment and monitor their efficiency and utilisation.
  • Coordinate tasks in the preventive maintenance programme as per schedule.
  • Ensure the full life cycle of items in the Hotel (linens, textiles, carpets, furniture, fixtures, uniforms, supplies and equipment, etc.) is managed through proper care, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Be readily available to handle guest queries and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner.
  • Manage department expenses as per budget requirements by overseeing payroll and purchasing and recommending corrective actions as necessary.
  • Oversee all purchasing, receiving and inventory practices and exercise risk management to prevent improper handling, damage, spoilage or theft of inventory items.
  • Review and negotiate tender documents and vendor contracts as necessary.
  • Obtain information and knowledge to keep abreast of industry practice, technological and advancement, new methods, equipment and materials.
  • Oversee cleaning tasks of third party contractors as required.
  • Ensure the best candidates fill vacancies by participating in the recruitment process of Employees under your supervision.
  • Develop and constantly review the succession plan within your division and develop cross training and professional development programmes for the advancement of potential Supervisors and Managers.
  • Conduct regular performance appraisals for Managers and Supervisors to assess employment eligibility during their probation period, and opportunities for development throughout their career with the Hotel and SBI.
  • Ensure probationary reviews and performance appraisals are carried out as required in areas under your supervision and review all appraisals for underperforming Employees.
  • Identify training opportunities and ensure training objectives are met for areas under your supervision.
  • Address issues with regard to Employee misconduct and disciplinary action as per HR procedures.
  • Manage the schedule for your division to ensure proper coverage to meet business needs.
  • Review payroll costs for areas under your supervision and make recommendations where appropriate.
  • Attend and coordinate regular meetings including management and departmental meetings for areas under your supervision.
  • Be a lead member in the Hotel’s Green Team with the goal of reducing resource use and utility costs.
  • Maintain a complete understanding of the Employee Handbook and adhere to regulations contained therein.
  • Maintain a complete understanding of the Hotel’s policy relating to fire, safety and health, and ensure all precautions are taken to safeguard against incidents for areas under your supervision.
  • Perform other assignments to meet business needs as directed by your superiors.

Required Skills

  • Self-motivated.
  • Innovative thinking.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong leadership, coaching and counselling skills.
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking.
  • Good financial management skills.
  • High attention to detail.
  • Ability to organise and lead complex projects.
  • Able to multi-task and prioritise tasks consistent with business objectives.
  • Computer literate with knowledge of Word, Excel, PPT, industry related software desired.
  • Must be fluent in English, conversational in local language desired.


  • Graduate of a 4-year degree desired.
  • Minimum of 2-years of experience in the same position or strong track record as a Housekeeping Manager or Supervisor in a Hotel for at least 5-years.