Hygiene Officer

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Review and maintain the food safety management system
  • Lead F&B HACCP team to build up HACCP capability
  • Ensure that our HACCP standards and controls are in place and diligently followed by kitchen team.
  • Complete hygiene and food safety report, whenever needed and applicable, the non-conformity reports, corrective action requests and management review reports, as part of the HACCP system.
  • Follow up on the actions related to the findings and non-conformities noted during the audits and inspections.
  • Ensure that the HACCP records for delivery, sanitation of fruits and vegetables, storage, food thawing, temperature control for cooking/reheating/blast chilling/hot holding/display/cold storage/dishwashing/outside catering, are completed on time by the concerned associates, kept on file, reviewed and signed.
  • Ensure that food/water/ice samples are tested on a monthly basis by an accredited third-party laboratory and reports are kept on file.
  • Ensure that food samples are collected on a daily basis from the buffets and functions for 20 people or above.
  • Carry out calibration, on a regular basis, for the probe thermometers used by the receiver, kitchen and service associates. Ensure that the results are recorded and kept on file.
  • Participate in the Supplier Audit program by visiting the food suppliers with the coordination of the Purchasing Manager and carry out food safety audits within their premises. Complete the audit reports. Advise the suppliers on the areas that require improvement and request them to take appropriate actions within a specified time period.
  • Coordinate the participation of the food handlers towards the Essential food safety training program required by the local authority.


Must posses a minimum of Two years experience in a similar role

Excellent Grooming and Communication skills

Must be graduate

Ability to work under pressure