United Arab Emirates (AE)
20 Nov 2016
18 Dec 2016
Job Level

Metropolitan Hotel Dubai is looking for a Lifeguard, who has the skills and will perform the duties and responsibilities as follows;

- Responsible for the safety of guests and employees that are inside the designated swimming areas during the posted business hours.
- Must be certified Life Guard of any of the worlds Life Guard Association and on active status.
    > Artificial Resuscitation (mouth-to-mouth) 
    > Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
- Is responsible for the safety set-up at the pool which includes;
    > Set up of the life saving floatation devices around the pool.
    > Correct flag (colours) must be put up during business hours
    > First Aid Kit at the pool office
    > Posting of business hours
    > Depth of the pool(s)
    > Water & Air Temperatures
    > Windforce / Windspeed
- Is responsible to respond to any emergency within our swimming area / pool area.
- Is responsible to ensure that all pool activities are executed accordingly to the RSA Manual safety procedures (Life or Floatation Devises must be worn etc).
- Is responsible that safety rules and regulations are posted at the pool centre.
- Is responsible for a temporary replacement while going to the bathroom and for lunch or breaks etc.
- Maintains appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform appearance and posture oh himself/herself and all personnel involved in the life saving operations.
- Performs related duties and special projects as assigned by the Recreation Manager or his/her delegate.

May be called upon at time to perform other related tasks not specifically included in this description.