Director of Sales and Marketing

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17 Nov 2016
15 Dec 2016
Job Level


  • To plan, implement, monitor and evaluate all marketing activities including sales, advertising, and public relations for the hotel. (Catering and/or Reservations in some locations).
  • To position the property as the premier deluxe hotel in the market.
  • To develop and sell group and individual business accounts, acting as the sales leader.
  • To insure that guest room, catering and other revenue area sales and marketing activities and all bookings are focused to yield maximum revenue.
  • To be responsible for positively impacting all hotel revenue generating areas through sales and marketing activities.

People Leadership Skills

  • The ability to recruit, select and familiarize marketing department personnel with the Hotel and their functions.
  • The ability to train and guide marketing department personnel in the performance of their duties as to specific position responsibilities, performance techniques, reporting procedures, etc.
  • The ability to conduct performance evaluations and follow up with Marketing department personnel.
  • The ability to build a positive working environment.

Maximizes Hotel Revenue

  • The ability to develop, coordinate, and implement programs to increase profitable sales in all product areas.
  • The ability to monitor and identify current and future business trends to insure profitable sales in periods of low and high demand.
  • The ability to coordinate and implement the hotel's Yield Management program.
  • The ability to ensure accuracy of definite bookings plus contracted group and corporate accounts.


  • The ability to identify sources of business available to the hotel and to establish priority marketing opportunities in the solicitation of that business.
  • The ability to understand the different needs of market segments and implement strategies/programs as appropriate to maximize profitability.
  • The ability to analyse the Hotel's capabilities; and to identify the direct sales, advertising, and public relations programs necessary to attract complementary sources of business.
  • The ability to develop and implement the Annual Marketing Plan.
  • The ability to prepare, monitor and control the annual advertising and business promotion


  • The ability to solicit and service selected accounts.
  • The ability to participate in designated trade, service and community association and clubs.
  • The ability to provide "one up" sales assistance for all key accounts, to maintain an active account load and to act as the hotels sales leader.

Managing Sales Activity

  • The ability to conduct regular departmental meetings.
  • The ability to enforce established policies and procedures.
  • The ability to actively contribute names of qualified Sales and Marketing candidates to the Job
  • The ability to set and monitor all quotas for sales activities and production for direct sales personnel.
  • The ability to regularly review the performance of each sales person and audit key account activity.
  • The ability to develop and maintain a succession plan for management positions in Sales and Marketing.
  • The ability to determine staffing requirements, sales deployment, areas of responsibility and manage the performance of assigned staff according to their respective job descriptions.

Internal Communications

  • The ability to maintain dialogue and a cooperative working relationship with other departments particularly those with mutual guest contact.
  • The ability to participate in meetings of Planning Committee and Department Head disseminating information on sales activities, special bookings, business forecasts, competition, etc.
  • The ability to communicate with Corporate Sales and Marketing of the Group regarding new marketing opportunities, competitor activities, etc.
  • The ability to prepare reports as may be required by the General Manager and Corporate office

Hotel Systems

  • The ability to utilize computerized operational systems (Opera system, etc...)
  • The ability to ensure accurate tracking of business segments/markets.
  • The ability to implement systems to insure sales and marketing programs achieve projected results.

Promotions - Advertising - PR

  • The ability to develop special promotional programs to stimulate trial and generate revenue.
  • The ability to maintain open communication with advertising agency/media to provide them with constant input as to the needs of the hotel.
  • The ability to report to the General Manager and Home Office any significant activity with which the hotel may wish to become involved.


  • Reading, writing and oral proficiency in the required languages).
  • (4) year college/university degree (or equivalent).
  • Previous experience as a hotel Director of Sales, Director of Sales & Marketing, or Assistant Director of Sales
  • Proven ability to lead a department
  • Good personal & business references
  • Working knowledge of computer spreadsheets (Lotus or Excel), word processing (Word or Word Perfect), and PowerPoint