Human Resources Manager

Doha (QA)
16 Nov 2016
14 Dec 2016
Job Level
  • Recruits and hires all employees excluding Key Personnel A & B positions.  Ensures all positions hold up to date job descriptions complied by the relevant Department Managers.
  • Responsible for maintaining a fully functioning Personnel Department including employment screening, referrals, personnel record keeping, compensation and benefits, work permit and visa processing.
  • Available for staff at all levels to advise, counsel and assist with problems or queries.
  • Encourages a good standard of employee conduct and behavior and co-ordinates disciplinary procedure when necessary.
  • Co-ordinates, controls and inspects staff accommodation and ensures it is of the highest possible standard of cleanliness and comfort.
  • Liaises with the Food & Beverage Manager with regard to the Staff Cafeteria, particularly on the quality, variety and nutritious value of the food served.
  • Maintains close contact with all Department Heads through departmental visits, serving as an advisor and internal consultant on employee relations issues.
  • Co-ordinates and encourages sports and social activities on a regular basis.
  • Ensures publication of an employee’s newsletter on a regular basis and maintains lively and interesting staff notice boards.
  • In the absence of Training manager is fully responsible for all training matters including orientation, skills training, cross training, off job sessions.
  • Liaises with other Personnel Managers maintaining strong information links for better decision making.
  • Ensures appraisals are carried out for every employee at least once every 12 months.  Reviews all appraisals and follows up on development needs, if required.
  • Maintains up to date information as per hotel's Policy 
  • Carries out duty management shifts to the Hotel standard, according to the rota established.